2018: A Year of

(Rescue + Rehabilitation)

2018: A Year of

(Rescue + Rehabilitation)

2018: A Year of

(Rescue + Rehabilitation)

For Mee(ow), Too

For Mee(ow), Too

2018 Highlightsss

animals found forever homes

volunteered 52,709 hours

people attended training classes

calls responded to by NHS

Hello Animal Supporters

As an open entry shelter, animals come to us in every condition imaginable. Many need medical care and time to heal while waiting to find their forever homes. At the Nebraska Humane Society, we love and care for them all.

It’s because of you, our loyal and caring donors, volunteers and partners, that we have the resources to rescue and rehabilitate thousands of animals each year. The year 2018 was no different, from a puppy mill in Iowa to the lost, stray or injured animals close to home, the statistics are telling. I hope you enjoy this annual report, as we look back at the lives saved and the impact we have collectively made.

We look forward to another year of rescuing and rehabilitating animals with your help! Thank you for standing with us and for loving the animals.

Nancy Hintz
President & CEO,
Nebraska Humane Society

animals found their way to NHS

Hello Animal Supporters

As an open entry shelter, animals come to us in every condition imaginable. Many need medical care and time to heal while waiting to find their forever homes. At the Nebraska Humane Society, we love and care for them all.

It’s because of you, our loyal and caring donors, volunteers and partners, that we have the resources to rescue and rehabilitate thousands of animals each year. The year 2018 was no different, from a puppy mill in Iowa to the lost, stray or injured animals close to home, the statistics are telling. I hope you enjoy this annual report, as we look back at the lives saved and the impact we have collectively made.

We look forward to another year of rescuing and rehabilitating animals with your help! Thank you for standing with us and for loving the animals.

Nancy Hintz
President & CEO,
Nebraska Humane Society

animals found their way to NHS

Hello Animal Supporters

As an open entry shelter, animals come to us in every condition imaginable. Many need medical care and time to heal while waiting to find their forever homes. At the Nebraska Humane Society, we love and care for them all.

It’s because of you, our loyal and caring donors, volunteers and partners, that we have the resources to rescue and rehabilitate thousands of animals each year. The year 2018 was no different, from a puppy mill in Iowa to the lost, stray or injured animals close to home, the statistics are telling. I hope you enjoy this annual report, as we look back at the lives saved and the impact we have collectively made.

We look forward to another year of rescuing and rehabilitating animals with your help! Thank you for standing with us and for loving the animals.

Nancy Hintz
President & CEO,
Nebraska Humane Society

animals found their way to NHS

Going Home

It is our heartfelt wish to provide all animals a way home, whether it’s returning lost animals, finding new adoptive parents, or rescuing displaced or injured wildlife. In 2018 we impacted the lives of more than 24,000 animals, adopting out 11,262 pets, reuniting 2,675 lost pets with their owners and answering 6,138 calls for rescuing, relocating and releasing wildlife who needed help. Animal Control went the extra mile for 188 strays, offering them a free ride home, as they had identification either through tags or microchip.

lost pets with their owners

Going Home

It is our heartfelt wish to provide all animals a way home, whether it’s returning lost animals, finding new adoptive parents, or rescuing displaced or injured wildlife. In 2018 we impacted the lives of more than 24,000 animals, adopting out 11,262 pets, reuniting 2,675 lost pets with their owners and answering 6,138 calls for rescuing, relocating and releasing wildlife who needed help. Animal Control went the extra mile for 188 strays, offering them a free ride home, as they had identification either through tags or microchip.

lost pets with their owners

Beast Gets a Second Chance

Beast was hit by a truck that didn’t stop. A kind-hearted woman named Cindy stopped to pick him up. He hopped into her car but, by the time she arrived at the Nebraska Humane Society, Beast was clearly in pain and wouldn’t hop down. Staff gently loaded him on a gurney and rushed him to our animal medical area, where vets could see he was swelling up. Exploratory surgery found his spleen had been badly injured and blood was pouring into his abdomen. Our vets removed his spleen and then, through the beauty of modern science, transfused the blood in his abdomen back into his system! Beast was stabilized and spent a week in our vet hospital before being transferred to foster care. The best part of the story? We were able to locate his owners who were overjoyed to get him back home. Beast is just one of the thousands of animals to get “above and beyond” medical care.

diagnostic tests

surgeries + dental procedures


microchips implanted

Beast Gets a
Second Chance

Beast was hit by a truck that didn’t stop. A kind-hearted woman named Cindy stopped to pick him up. He hopped into her car but, by the time she arrived at the Nebraska Humane Society, Beast was clearly in pain and wouldn’t hop down. Staff gently loaded him on a gurney and rushed him to our animal medical area, where vets could see he was swelling up. Exploratory surgery found his spleen had been badly injured and blood was pouring into his abdomen. Our vets removed his spleen and then, through the beauty of modern science, transfused the blood in his abdomen back into his system! Beast was stabilized and spent a week in our vet hospital before being transferred to foster care. The best part of the story? We were able to locate his owners who were overjoyed to get him back home. Beast is just one of the thousands of animals to get “above and beyond” medical care.

diagnostic tests

surgeries + dental procedures


microchips implanted

Animal Control

NHS has been providing animal control services to the city of Omaha since 1875. Needless to say, a lot has changed in those 143 years. Today, animal control officers investigate cruelty situations, issue search warrants and testify in court. They work with first responders to rescue animals from fires, floods and traffic accidents. They educate the community on proper pet care, provide pet supplies to underserved families, and are called in whenever animal interactions go awry.

miles to help animals

strays a free ride home

calls seeking assistance

Animal Control

NHS has been providing animal control services to the city of Omaha since 1875. Needless to say, a lot has changed in those 143 years. Today, animal control officers investigate cruelty situations, issue search warrants and testify in court. They work with first responders to rescue animals from fires, floods and traffic accidents. They educate the community on proper pet care, provide pet supplies to underserved families, and are called in whenever animal interactions go awry.

miles to help animals

calls seeking assistance

strays a free ride home

Animal Control

NHS has been providing animal control services to the city of Omaha since 1875. Needless to say, a lot has changed in those 143 years. Today, animal control officers investigate cruelty situations, issue search warrants and testify in court. They work with first responders to rescue animals from fires, floods and traffic accidents. They educate the community on proper pet care, provide pet supplies to underserved families, and are called in whenever animal interactions go awry.

strays a free ride home

calls seeking assistance

miles to help animals

Kids as Ambassadors

Girl Scouts earned badges

Camp Kindness attendees

The Nebraska Humane Society utilizes humane education to reinforce character development skills, such as kindness, compassion, empathy and responsibility. In addition to group presentations, we offer summer camps, after school programs, scout badges, birthday parties and tours to involve youth (and adults) and encourage them to take an active role in providing help to shelter animals in the metro area.

attended shelter tours

Kids as Ambassadors

The Nebraska Humane Society utilizes humane education to reinforce character development skills, such as kindness, compassion, empathy and responsibility. In addition to group presentations, we offer summer camps, after school programs, scout badges, birthday parties and tours to involve youth (and adults) and encourage them to take an active role in providing help to shelter animals in the metro area.

Girl Scouts earned badges

Camp Kindness attendees

attended shelter tours

Volunteer Muscle

Volunteers are a core piece of day to day operations at NHS. Rescuing, rehabilitating, reuniting and rehoming the 20,000+ animals we impacted in 2018 could not happen without the hundreds of dedicated volunteers who help us make good adoption matches, reunite lost pets with owners, provide education and care for and enrich the lives of our temporary residents.

hours of service were given to the animals

foster homes cared for 2,147 fragile animals waiting for adoption

community members volunteered in 2018

Volunteer Muscle

Volunteers are a core piece of day to day operations at NHS. Rescuing, rehabilitating, reuniting and rehoming the 20,000+ animals we impacted in 2018 could not happen without the hundreds of dedicated volunteers who help us make good adoption matches, reunite lost pets with owners, provide education and care for and enrich the lives of our temporary residents.

hours of service were given to the animals

foster homes cared for 2,147 fragile animals waiting for adoption

community members volunteered in 2018





2018 Expenses

2018 Expenses

2018 Revenue

*Additionally in 2018, $4,748,376 was raised for the Judy Varner Adoption and Education Center Capital Campaign.

Thank You

Thank you to all of our donors, volunteers and patrons of the Nebraska Humane Society. We could not do what we do without you and your help.

Please note: We have made everyeffort to ensure donor information is accurate. Should you discover errors or omissions, please contact us at development@nehumanesociety.org.


Anne Thorne Weaver
Family Foundation





Grewcock Family

PetSmart Charities

Robert B. Daugherty
Charitable Foundation

The Harper Family


Anonymous Anonymous Judy and Jack Baker Anonymous Cassels Family Foundation Claire M. Hubbard Foundation
Dr. C.C. and Mabel L. Criss Memorial Foundation Mark Eckert John and Ibby Hancock Mutual of Omaha Union Pacific Foundation Barbara and Wally Weitz Ellen, Stavely and Jess Wright


Drs. Jack T. and Lynne J. Baldwin Bridges Trust Linda and Nelson Gordman
HDR John K. and Lynne D. Boyer Family Foundation Mammel Family Foundation


Anonymous Debby Durham Family Foundation Doris Day Animal Foundation Friedland Family Foundation Gentle Doctor Animal Hospital
Manota E. Simon Foundation Michael A. O’Bannon Foundation Darlynn Myers Zander Charitable Trust


Baxter Subaru

Tracy and Edson Bridges

Carl and Caroline Swanson
Foundation, Inc.

Clifton B. and Anne Stuart
Batchelder Foundation

Jeff and Theresa Dinslage

Matthew E. Ellis

Karen Ensminger and Richard
Lanoha Family

First National Bank

Gilbert M. and Martha H.
Hitchcock Foundation


Lozier Foundation

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Merck Foundation

Betsy Newman

Oxbow Animal Health

Robert H. Storz Foundation

Sandra and Bruce Rohde

Sandra Russ

Stanley M. Truhlsen
Family Foundation

The Harry A. Koch Company

Union Pacific Fund for
Effective Government

U.S. Bank

William R. Patrick


Cindy and Rex Adams Anonymous Anonymous Anonymous ASPCA Jamie Barker Dr. Peter and Andrea Bashara Karen and Carl Bortol Mary Lou and Mark Brasee Bucks, Inc. Daniel Cashatt Centris Federal Credit Union Ian Cody Jodi and Chris Colwell Alice Davis Angela Dermyer DOMI Foundation Fifth Generation Inc.
Linda and Larry Finigan Pam and William Fleming Giger Foundation Sally and William Hanley Heider Family Foundation Sara and Michael Henke Nancy and Michael Hintz Ike and Roz Friedman Foundation Kiewit Companies Foundation Susan and Robert Knapp Gail Koch Stephanie and John Koraleski Bobette and Jay Lerner Steve Likes and Ryan Thiele Susan Lozier and Ian Macleod Cindy and Tom McGowan
Joan Moritz and Kami Lamb Judie and Steve Olson Nancy Olson Perrigo Animal Health Phyllis Pistillo Primary Pipe & Supply Co. RTG Medical Kathryn and Aaron Schapper Judy Schram Sirius Veterinary Orthopedic Center Jennifer and Darin Taylor George Tidmarsh and Courtney Moulds Veridian Credit Union Werner Enterprises Inc. Wheatfield’s Eatery & Bakery Charlotte White


Sondra and Stewart Akrin AmazonSmile Foundation American Animal Hospital Eric and Cassie Arneson Bank of the West Cindy and Mogens Bay Becky Beitenman and Adam Johnson Lori and John Belford Bunnell Family Judy and John Clark Sylvia Collins Craftworks Foundation Gena and Roger Craig Beth and Thomas Culross Lisa and Stewart Dale Elisa and Drew Davies Michele and Pat Dees Mary Ellen and Jim Duffack Edward and Lida Robinson Charitable Trust Jamie and Ted Friedland Edie Gallagher Green Plains Inc. Kathy and Mike Gross
Hayneedle, Inc. Kristen and Patrick Iske Kiewit Corporation Kris’ K-9 Klean-Up Wendy and Terry Lacey Michael Lawhon Margo and Todd Livingston Dana and Michael Meyer Patrick Millerd Stephanie Howland-Moline Shannon Montanye Moose Roofing Marleen Muenster Karin and Thomas Nilsson OBI Creative Katherine and Jerry O’Flanagan Karen Olson Jessica and Dennis Pate Patterson Family Foundation Raising Cane’s Victoria and Edward Roche Laura and Patrich Simpkins Becca and Mike Strawhecker TD Ameritrade Services Company, Inc.
The Green Spot, LLC The Jim and Shirley Young Family Foundation The Kroger Company Foundation The MSR Group Thrivent Financial – Thrivent Choice Dollars (EFT) Jack Tollefson Danene Tushar and Scott Moore Union Pacific Railroad Urgent Pet Care Valmont Industries, Inc. Paul van Vliet Walentine O’Toole McQuillan & Gordon LLP Brenda and Mike Whealy Mary Fran Willard WoodmenLife Tara and Brian Woolfolk


Jan Afrank and Darla Zink Pamela and Dwight Aldinger Vicki and Craig Allen Lynda and James Alvarez American National Bank Ameriprise Financial Services, Inc. Mary Joy Anderson Nicole Anderson-Ericksen Anonymous Anonymous Anonymous Anonymous Anonymous Anonymous Anonymous Anonymous Anonymous Anonymous Corey Auch Mary Catherine Averitt Aviture Tyler Bakker Vikki Bargar Donnette and Steven Barndt Phyllis and Bruce Bender Sandy Bender Lisa Bethel Jean and Ross Biddell Patti and William Biddle BlueStem Prairie Foundation Borsheims Elizabeth and Brian Bowman Kent Braasch and Jodie Mackie Judy and Edward Brass Leigh and Grant Brassette Cathy Burgess Sharon Busch Rhonda Carden Joan Carnaby CBA Scholar’s Academy Linda Cheatham Kimara and Kevin Clark Cockerill Charitable Trust ComeSitStay Virginia and Kenneth Coon Kimberly and Jay Davis Mary and Ashish Dhingra Tracy Dixon Christian Dobrauc Linda Dobry Kerry Dobson Frances and Duane Dowd DTN, LLC Kristine Duffy Susie and John Dunn Shari and Bob Eades Joseph Eckman Barbara Fitzgerald Karen and Ken Follett Mark Frantz Fraser Stryker, PC, LLO Julie and Lance Fritz Karen and Fred Gardner Timothy Gardner Diane and Rodney Gartner Lisa Ging Deborah Gombert Google, Inc. Nancy and Gregory Gordon Karen Graff Joseph Grasse Anne and James Greisch Michele and Doug Grewcock Margeret Hall and Christian Haas Jennifer Hamann Jane and Robert Hamer Dawn Hanneman Nancy and Randy Hanson Linda and Terry Haubold Melanie and David Hecker Hollye Hempel
Jenny and David Henricksen Elizabeth Hilpipre and Benjamin Bumgarner Kathryn Honz Jessica and Chris Horstman Nicole and Eric Hughes Maria and Dean Jacobsen Joanie and Richard Jacobson Steffi Jesseau and Charles Nolder Karen and Glen Johnson Donna and Matt Johnson Jonathan McDaniel Foundation Joy and Bryan Jones Mike Kalisek Helen and Richard Kelley Dennis Ketter Kiewit Building Group Heidi and Dan Killefer Elizabeth Kimball Kathleen Kirschner and Robert Novak Koley Jessen P.C., L.L.O. Wende and John Kotouc Gordon Krentz and Tom Simons Jean Lahrs Jean Lahti Shelly and Chad Laing Sheri Lamb Annette and Mark Langan Bobbi and J. Michael Leibowitz Patricia and Ed Leslie Deborah MacDonald Ruth and John Mareda Joe Marino Pamela Marshall Blake Martin Kendra and Kramer Martin Joseph Martinez Caroline Mason Mary and Kurt Matis Paul Matthews McCarthy Capital Terry McGill Colleen McLaughlin and Joseph Martinez Minna Lou Mercer Merck Animal Health | HomeAgain Metropolitan Utilities District Mollie and Brian Miles Jan and Mike Miller William Miller Misao Moore Kate and John Morris Heidi Moser and Greg Peitz Melissa and John Murante Ellin and Dennis Murphy Duncan and Rozanne Murphy Nebraska Workforce Development Diane Neis Dorothy and Patrick Nipp Lisa and Stephen Olson Kristi and Jay Oltmanns Omaha Community Foundation OPPD Kevin O’Reilly Outdoor Adventures Unlimited, Inc. Bernadette Parys Loretta and Douglas Patterson Diane Paustian Dixie and Dean Pearson Char and Chuck Peterson Christy and Michael Piti Ruth Ann and Ronald Popp Sharon and Keith Potts Rose and Fred Puetz Kathleen Quinn Larry and Karen Rainwater Carol Randle Rebecca Susan Buffett Foundation
Michael Rice Becky Richmond John Ritland and Greta Vaught Barbara and Asif Rizvi Laura and John Robbins Rockbrook Animal Clinic Erin Rolf Carol and Wendall Rowe Mary Rush Linda and Kevin Saltzman Rita Salucci Anna Scheel Schemmer Associates, Inc. Ann and Richard Schenck Diana Schlautman Chelsey and Mark Scholz Julie Schroeder Elizabeth and Frank Schuman Schwab Charitable Marcia Schwiebert Kelle Scott and Robert Munchrath Elizabeth and Steven Scott John Sibley Skinny Bones Pumpkin Patch Inc Donna and Coyner Smith Judith Louise and Robert Smith Mary Jane and William Smith Kim and Bob Stafford Jean and Willard Stamm Shaylee Stamp Steinbach Farms & Equipment Sales, LLC Colette Stemm Ann and Ken Stinson Jean and Joseph Stothert Kay and Ray Stoupa Mary Jo Strong Vicki Sullivan SUMMIT Dental Health Nancy and Mark Sutherland Kathy and Robert Swanda Elizabeth and Thomas Tape Mary Teeter Cheryl Teser and Les Lowrey The Fred and Sally Bekins Foundation The Phillip and Terri Schrager Foundation Tiltify Van Timberlake Timothy L. Slattery Sr. and Thelma H. Slattery Foundation Ann and Kurt Tjaden Together A Greater Good (TAGG) Rebecca Underwood Sue and Larry Utley Brenda Vair Laura Vance Judy Varner and David Silchman VCA 80 Dodge Animal Hospital VCA Animal Medical Center of Omaha Waggin Tailz Ranch Linda and Mike Waldman Franny and Bill Wardell Linda and Richard Wardell Dian and Jim Warren Judith Warren Jackie and Bill Weidner Angie and Donald Wells Tami and Greg Werner Hope Wicken Pam Wiese-Bundy and Jeff Bundy Michelle and James Wiggs Devin Wight Laurel and Neil Wise Regina and Phil Wolf Sarah and Charles Yale Gail and Michael Yanney Shirley Young


Ronald Adams Jean and Robert Allen Linda and Scott Allison Claudia and Steven Amen Beth and Jeff Andersen Katherine and Ryan Anglim Anonymous Anonymous Anonymous Anonymous Anonymous Mary Baarsch Alex Bakke and Andrew Kinsey Kay and Ken Barjenbruch Kathy Barrett Jo Anne and Tom Bednarz Mike Bennett Elizabeth Benson Mark Bertsch Sandie Besch Emily Beshlian Mary Beyer Deborah and Robert Bezousek Mary and Charles Biffar Kimberly and Matthew Bills Sharon and Randy Blackburn Dana and Darren Blakely Barbara and Frank Blank Block Electrical Contracting, Inc. Sheryl Block Janice Bohaty Scot Bonnesen, P.C. Lynne and John Boyer Barbara Braden Brand Fluid Power, Inc. Aaron Brandon Carol and Rick Britten Broadmoor Development Company Randy Brown Erin and Matthew Brumm Catherine Bruno Sandi and James Bruno Gena and Brad Burwell Patti Buxton Elizabeth and Michael Cassling Julia Casson-Brehmer Joan and James Chambers Trish and Kenny Champoux Mandi and Robert Chaplin Charleston Homes, LLC Susan Chidester Debra Childers Judy and Ward Combs Christy Conrad Marianne Conway Jill and Sean Conway Jessica Cooper Costco Brian Coughlin Joshua Cox Charles Craig and Ai-Wen Tseng Bill Cress and Melanie Cleaver Cress Carol Curry Kay and Harl Dalstrom William Dana and Charlotte Connor Theresa Danter Dannie and Charles Daubs DaVita Amy and John Dawson Jan and Dave DeRoin Ashley and William DeRoin Carol and Marty Dial Distribution Management Systems, Inc. Dogtopia David Dominik Jessica Douglas and Thomas Harms Kelly and Steven Douglas Gail and Mike Dwyer Joey and Eric Dyrdal Jason Easom Allison and Quint English Kimberly and Andrew Englund Kristine and David Evans Lynne and John Farr Barbara and Mark Farrell Pamela and Michael Farrow Joanna Faryna Michelle Fideler Fidelity National Title Group Dawn Filbrandt Agnieszka and Scott Fosmer Kirk Foster Jill and Jack French Diane and David Fucinaro Anne Fuhrman and Terry Williams Gallagher Foundation Irene and James Garbina Sheri Garrison Janette and Kevin Garvin Susan and Dan Gillett Golden Retriever Rescue in Nebraska Inc. Cheryl Gorman Holly and Timothy Goshinski Carmen and John Gottschalk Howard and Neva Graber Great Western Bank Mary Kay and Allen Greenberg Robert Greene Beverly and Randy Greer Jean Grem Cheryl Griffin and Chuck Lanosky Aaron Grothe Deann Grovijohn Glenda Hahn Dan Hamann Janet Hansen Rebecca and James Hansen Rose and James Hanson Carolyn Harper
Kristin and Richard Harper Holly Ann Harris Iona Harrold Laura and David Haslanger Christy Hatter Gladys and Jeff Haunton Patti and Robert Herbolsheimer Pamela and Rod Hernandez Mary Jane and Gary Herron Kasey and Josh Hesse Angela and Alex Hewlett Carla Hodder Cynthia Hoffman Paul Hogan Lynn and Kevin Holthaus Joe Hoovestol Amber and Ryan Horn Walter Horner Laura and Allen Howard Janine and Mark Hudak Felicia and Christopher Inserra Invisible Fence Brand of the Heartland Heather and George Ireland Pam and John Ivbuls Lisa Jackson Jaguar Group Inc. Kelli and Mike Jaixen Judy and Gordon Janing Karen Jarnecic Eva and Burt Jay Jerry’s Bar Barbara and Philip Joannes Donna and Alan Johnson Buddy Johnson Becky Jolly Leanna Jones Chris and Roger Kadavy Joshua Kain Sonja Kapoun-Roof Amanda Kester Cherie Kimble James King Daniel Kiper Vanessa and Brian Kirkpatrick Shirley and John Klug Sonja and Gary Koble Andronik Kocharov Nancy and Jack Krogstad Barbara and Kenneth Krzycki Lucy and William Lane Caroline Langner Patti and Dave Lanoha Jane and Bob Larsen V. Gilbert Larson Becky Lebsack Regina and Jim Lehnhoff Michelle and Christopher Leitner Audrey and Tom Lewis Richard Liesche Ashley Limbeck Joan and Eric Lindquist Nina Little Maryann and Michael Litz Lucie and Gary Long Faith Louis Loveland Family Chiropractic Luby’s Fuddruckers Restaurants, LLC Colleen and Doug Madison Christine and Robert Mahoney Thomas Makens Sandy and Bill Marcil Marco Patty Marcum Barb and Chuck Masilko Jennifer Matheny Kathy and Richard Maxwell Gail and Jim Mays Dara McAnally Spivack Scharlene McClanahan Jessica and Cory McCormick Billie McCoy Janet McCrae Karen and Mike McCreery Loriand Terry McMullen Kari Meyer Mike & Linda Fiterman Family Foundation June and Gary Miller Janice Miller Lysla Miller Catherine Millerschone Natalee Minthorn Missouri Valley Hunt Club Nicole Moline Sharonne Monaco Lee Moore and Michael Kluver Victoria Mosley Moylan Kropp Comprehensive Financial Planning Jessica Muffly MWI Animal Health Julie and Andrew Myrtue Michelle and Todd Nastase National Indemnity Company Nature Dog Nebraska Dream Team Shirley and Bud Nelson Betty and Roger Nelson Jill Nichols Autumn Noble Kim and Kim Noddle Denise and John Norris Susan and Paul Oschsner Tracy and Chris Olnhausen Christine and David Olson Judith Olson Sara Olson Craig Owens Carma Pacaj Mary and Ricahrd Parrish Mary Jo Parys Cameron Patterson
Lisa and Nolan Paulsen Kathy and Mike Paulson Karen and Evert Peacock Lena Pflanz Sandy and Pat Piper Lori and Mitchell Pirnie Joanne Plank Jodi Porter and Tyler Bowley Susan Potter Sally Prange Linda and Bill Pratt Ann and Daniel Prekker Nancy Preston Debra and Gary Prochaska Danelle and David Prochnau Gayle Pullen Sheila Quinn Ralston Public Schools-Administrative Office Vanessa and Gerald Ramm Luann and Todd Rannals Kitty and John Ransom Diane Record Anne Reed and James Billups Marcie Richmond Del and LaRue Roberts Kristine and John Rock Carole Ann and Bill Rohan Kathy and Chad Roum Julia and Scott Rouse Dana Daisley-Ruff and Stephen Ruff Ann and Kennie Ruple Sue and Greg Rusie Sheila Rynaski Joseph Schulte Linda and Carl Schulz Lynn Scott and David Olson Mary and Kurt Shafer Megan Shank-Feeney Christina Shaw Nicole and Chris Shonka Karen Shuler Marie and Lee Simmons Leslie and Bryan Slone Karyl and Douglas Smith Paula and H. Daniel Smith Annette and Paul Smith Pam and James Specht Elizabeth and Tom Spellman Michelle Spies Sharon and J. Michael Stanner Melissa and Robb Steffes Caryn and Gregory Stichler Kris and Grant Story Jami Stratman Anne Marie Sullivan Patricia and David Sumner James Sutherland Charles Sutton Bessie Svehla Kendra and Mitch Swanson Elizabeth Swigart Pam and Kevin Swisher Kellie and Jason Tagge Janice and Bernard Taulborg Joyce Taylor Michele Tetreault-Mertes and Doug Mertes Janet and Donald Thayer The Pet Clinic P.C. Judy and A. Thomas Charlene and Robert Thome Beverly and Alfred Thomsen John Torpy Debbie Turek Antoinette Turnquist Carol and Larry Uebner Linda and Jeffrey Ullrich Grace Um Joyce and Charles Vacanti Diana Van Keuren Janet and Michael Vilcinskas Shelby and Scott Vincent Erika and Neil Volker Kimberly and Raimund Volpone Julie and James Warner Sara Weeks and Jesse Espinosa Jim Wegman Heather Wellman Katrina Wells Nicholas Wertzberger and Chrisine Clerc Kimberly and Doug Wheatley Judy and Gale Wickersham Robert Wiese Gerald Wilkins Julie and David Williams Joan Wilson Gray and John Gray Kathy and Mark Wilson Sara Wilson-Stepan and Luke Stepan Anna and Roger Winans Sean Winekauf Jacqueline and Tom Wise Perry Wiseman James Wolfe Kelly Wolterman Linda and Fred Woolley Ann Wozny Xcel Roofing Tammy and Mike Yarmon Kristopher Young


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Sherry and Scott Duckett

Nancy Dugan

Jane Dumler

Peggy Duncan

Susan and Tim Dunning

Tracy Durbin

Debby Durham

Suzann and Robert Dutton

Mary Anne Dworak

Janis and William Dwyer

Vicki and Bob Dyer

Joann Dyroff

Mary Early

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Ryan Eberhart

Cathy and Fred Ebert

Judith Ecklund

Denise and David Ederer

Patricia and John Edney

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and Danny Friedlund

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and Eric Peterson

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Sharon Erickson

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Brenda and Thomas Evans

Karen and Malcolm Eveans

Linda and Ronald Ewasiuk

Kathryn Ewing
and David Anson

Elizabeth and Leonard Eymann

Paula Facka

Patricia and John Fahey

Kris and Matt Faier

Barbara and Bruce Fajen

Farm Credit Services of America

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Barb and William Farrell

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Lynn and Pam Ferdig

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Sigrid Festersen

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Kristine and Brett Fischer

Sue Fisher

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Jodeen Fletcher

Judy and Drew Fletcher

Sandy Fletcher

Anne Foley

Dr. Linda Ford

Ashley and Christoher Forsman

Shari Fortson

Cynthia and Gordon Foster

Judith and William Foster

Caitlin Foxley

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Marilyn Franklin

Eleana and Jeff Franks

Carol Franksen

Cathy Fraser

Barbara and John Frederick

Nev and Gordon Fredrickson

Betsy and G. Freeland

Mary and Charles French

Justin French

Larry French

Elizabeth and Tony Friend

Cathy and William Fritzsche

Ruth and Douglas Frost

Virginia Frost

Michele and Jayme Frye

Linda and Thomas Fuksa

Pat Funk

Susan and Edward Furman

Henry Furst

Joyce and John Fuxa

Jodi and Jesse Gabriel

Sherry Gabriel

Jean and Jim Gabrielson

Agneta Gaines

Mary Gaines

Daniel Gallagher
and Jeffrey Grinnell

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Anna Lee Garaczkowski

Sarah Garber

Sue Garcia

Tommy Garrett

Luis Garrido

Marilee and John Garrison

Nichole Gaskill

Julie Gassert

Joan Gatz

Alvin Gavin

Lorrie Gavin

Tonee and Tim Gay

Joy and David Geck

Vickie and Dale Geistkemper

Lisa Gentes

Sue Gentes

Beverly Gentry

Brenda and Steve George

Jennifer Gepson

Jenny Gerow

Julie and Marvin Giannangelo

Dustin Gibler

Daniel Gih

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and Sheila Mee

James Gilbert

Martha Gilchrist

Patricia Gildersleeve

Charles Gill

Chris and David Gill

Mary and Stephen Gillespie

Joanne Gilmore

Robin Gitt and James White

Dianne and Barry Glass

Elena Glatte

Paula and Gary Glissman

Suzanna Glover-Ettrich
and Kurt Ettrich

Valerie and Randy Glynn

Amy Goering

Marilyn Goetzinger

Darlene Golden

Glen Golden

Kay Lynn and John Goldner

Leslie Goldsberry

Dacia and Michael Goldstein

Susan and Douglas Gollehon

Debra Gomez

Mayela Gomez

Lauren Gonzalez

Rachel Goodwin

Catherine and Kevin Goracke

Abby and Andrew Goranson

Janet Gorman

Walter Gosnell

Elisabeth and Gary Gotsdiner

Miriam Gottlieb

Wanda and Michael Gottschalk

Patricia Gound


Grabow Towing Inc.

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Robert Graeve

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Graham Enterprises, Inc.

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Granite City

Deborah Grant

Bethany and Todd Graves

Gwendolyn and Raymond Graves

Jeanne Gray

Joyce Gray

Kristie Gray

Cheryl and Ronn Greek

Amanda Green

Angela and Rob Green

Beth Greenberg

Terri and Joseph Greenberg

Susan Greene

Gerry Greeno

Paul Greenwalt

Lucy Greer-Boland

Maureen and Terry Gregory

Belinda and Carl Greiner

Beth and Curt Greiner

Leslie and Larry Gries

Starla Griffin

Liz and Mike Griffith

Susan Griffith

Karen Grigsby

Roxanne and Charles Griminger

Emma Grimm

Kelli and Jake Grimm

Janell and Harry Grimminger

Betsy Grindlay

Laurie Griswa

Linda Grohs

Judy and Joe Grojean

Debra Grove

Nancy Gruwell

Kelly Guderjan

Catherine Guinane

Randi and Chad Gumbert

Sheri Gutschow

Kat Guttermann

JoAnn Haafke

Joanie and David Haas

Alex Habrock

Judy Hackworth

Merry and Rick Hadfield

Anita and Tim Hagerty

Cameron Hahn

Marita and Dale Hahn

Hale Pet Door

Claire and David Halen

Debbie and Russ Hallberg

Robert Haller

Glenda and Alvin Halley

Thomas Halpenny

Carolyn and David Halperin

Carol Halterman

Sharon and Ivan Hamilton

Sandra and Clifton Hammond

Ellen and Thomas Hammond

Wanda Hamsa

Julie Haney

Kim Haney

Mary Lou and Gary Hannibal

Catherine Hanrahan

Hansen Accounting

Barbara Hansen

Cindy and Bill Hansen

Marcy and Eric Hansen

Marva and Joseph Hansen

Kellie and Carl Hansen

Mary Hansen

Sandy and Donald Hansen

Laura and Ramsey Hanson

Jeanette and David Harbert

Amber Harewood

Gina and Anthony Hargan

Cheryl Hargett

Donna and Dwight Hargrove

Jill and Lee Harker

Donald Harm

Sue and Glenn Harmon

Julie Harmon

Jackie and Roger Harned

Carol and Dale Harris

Helen Harris

Ralph Benjamin Harris

Tim Harrison

Mike Hart

John Hartigan

Herbert Hartman

Ruth Hartman

Martin Hartog

Robert Hasebroock

Maylene and Thomas Haslett

Kathleen and Raymond Hasslock

Kelli and Kevin Haug

Ralph Hauke

Denise Haunert

Madeleine and John Hausig

David Hawes

Gloria Hawkins

Sharon and Jerry Hayenga

Barbi Hayes

David Hayes

Laurie Hayes

Kathy and Steve Hayes

Cassie and Bret Hays

Sharon and Ronald Heath

Morgan and Walter Hecht

Cindy and Scott Heider

Dorothy Heidorn

Katie and John Heimann

Kerry Heinrich

Tamara Heinson Fowler

Judith and Francis Heller

Kristina Helms and
Tom Bumgardner

Karyn Hemmingsen

Sara Henke

Andrea Henrich

Amy Henry

Jodie and Bradley Henry

Marcie and Thomas Henry

Susan Henry
and Mark Collier

Julien Hensen

Michele and Edward Hensley

Heritage Financial Services, LLC

Jean Herman Fehr

Holly Herman
and James Nolan

Loene and James Herman

Elizabeth Hermanson

Mary and John Hewitt

Cathy Heyen

Sean Hicks

Heidi Higgason

William Highfield

Cindi and William Hildebrandt

Jeanne and Duane Hill

Kimberly Hill

Mary Alice Hill

Sheryl and Thomas Hill

Kathleen and Robert Hills

Allison and Thomas Hillyard

Shirley and Gary Hineline

Deborah and Steven Hinrichs

Denise and Tom Hinsley

John Hipple

Rosie Hirsch

Kevin Hitchcock

Debbie Hitt

Paula Hitt-Wilderman

R. Susan and Jeff Hoagland

Debbie Hoback and
John Marousek

Susan Hobbs

Marlea and Donald Hobza

Jennifer and Derek Hodgson

Mary Alice and Fred Hodgson

Julie Hoebelheinrich

Nancy and Merle Hoegermeyer

Jill and Michael Hogan

Marilyn Holcomb

Nicole Holland

Michael Holley

Alicia and Trevor Hollins

Janet and Jim Holthaus

Laura and Jeff Honaker

Jamie and Donald Honke

Sally Honke

Briana Hooi

Fran and Jim Hoover

Peggy Hoover

Amy Hornocker and
Michael Corrigan

Phyllis Hospers

Hotel Deco XV

Cletas and Al Hottovy

Michele and Donald Hotz

Jennifer Houston

Marla Houston

Stanley How

Corliss and Gary Howard

Sandy and Roger Howard

Martha Howell

William Howell

Jacob Hoy-Elswick

Katherine and Scott Hoyt

Jim Hrabik

Elizabeth and Robert Huber

Sharon Huebert

Melissa and Martin Huelle

Shirley Landen Huerter
and Jim Huerter

Jim Huey

Cynthia Hug

Brenda Hughes

Carol Hugo and Joseph Kantor

Sara Hulac

Sharene and James Hulstein

Nancy and Kent Hultquist

Carol Hunter

Kristin Hunter

Julia Huntley

Susan and John Hunziker

Rebecca Hurt

Diana and Gordon Huseth

Helen Ann and Franklin Hutchens

Mike Hutfless

Sara Hutfless

Charlotte Hyland

Sandy Ihnen

Heather and Robert Ingraham

Linda Ingram-Jasa

International Association
of Reservations Executives

Nancy and Aaron Isaac

Lauren and Derik Isaacs

Mallory Iseminger

Amy Jackson

Bert and John Jackson

Mary and Paul Jacobs

Jean Sayles-Jacobson
and Leland Jacobson

Wilbur Jacox

Madelynn Jager

Dave Janakbhai

Won Mee Jang

Mary Janulewicz
and Ben Burrus

Janine Jarecki

Paula and Barry Javadzadeh

Kathy and Howard Jeffers

Shirley Jefferson

Marlene Jennum

Andrea Jensen

Jay Jensen

Leann and Dennis Jeppson

C. William Joe

Jennifer and Tim Johansen

Ronald Johnette

Chris Johnson

Cynthe Johnson

Diana Johnson

Doris Johnson

Lori and Douglas Johnson

Vickie and Gary Johnson

Marjorie and George Johnson

Ginger Johnson

Carla and Jamie Johnson

Jim Johnson

Kimberly Johnson

Theresa and Matt Johnson

Pam and Mark Johnson

Ruth and Ricky Johnson

Serena Johnson

Sheila Johnson

Tina Johnson

William Johnston

Paul Jokela

Jennifer and Chris Jolley

Suzanne and Bob Jones

Jerry Jones

Colette and Larry Jones

Madeline Jones

Kristen and John Jorgensen

Nancy Jorgensen

Tammy and Henri Jung

Diana Jussila-Welsher
and Aaron Welsher

Clyde Justman

N Kadavy

Marilyn and Reed Kadavy

Holly Kaffenberger

Deborah Kafka

Patricia and Andre Kalil

Robert Kallio

Libby Kane

Fumiyo Kaneko

Adrienne Kanne

Kari and Steve Kanne

Chris Karnes

Kris and David Karnes

Marlene and Jeff Kasza

Desiree and Pete Katsampes

Laura Katz

Michelle Kaufmann

Jane and Joseph Kavan

Barbara Kay

Debra Kay

Gerri Kazmierczak

Lonnie Keck

James Kee

Katrina Keebler

Lisa Keedy

Ruth Keene

Daniel Keevy

Eileen and Harvey Kegley

Anita Keil

Kerri and Michael Keleher

Donna and Frank Keller

Anne and Jerry Kelley

Sharon Kelley

Donna Kelly

Kate Kelly

Melissa Kelly

Marilee and William Kelly

Ann Kelsall

Susan and Jay Kenik

Patricia and Jerry Kenison

Ruth Kennedy

Teddi and Timothy Kennedy

Julie and Steve Kenney

Alicia and Douglas Kenyon

Fran and Jack Keown

JerryAnne and Jerry Keown

Amy and Jeffrey Kerans

Angela and Stephan Kerby

Jenene and Vern Kessler

Suzanne and Douglas Kibbe

Kyle Kielian

Cathy Kilawee

Dianne Kimnach

Karlene and Dennis Kingery

Sonja Kinney

Cathleen Kintner

Irene and Larry Kirkebak

Gina Klein

Maggie Klein

Jan and Gregory Kleinhesselink

Eleanor and Joe Kliment

Jacqueline and Ken Kluck

Katie and John Knickman

Kathy and Craig Knickrehm

Sam Knight

Michelle and Peter Knolla

Marilyn and Michael Knott

Glenda Knowles

Dave Koehler

Nancy Koehler

Marlene Koenig

Leann and Terry Kohel

Karen and George Kohler

Diane and Steve Kohler

Don Kohout

Janie and Terrence Kolbeck

Georgann Komar

Teresa Konda

Vija and Gene Kopecky

Scott Korytowski

Mary Kosiski-Flynn

Joe Kotulic

Steven Kovar

Sue Kozney

Rachel Kozol


Kathryn Kramer

Carol and Ronald Kranz

Michelle and Robert Krapfl

Patty and Bill Krasovec

Jaime Kratky

Jo Ellen Kratky

Kathy and Bernard Kratochvil

Suzy Kratochvil

Linda and Dale Krause Shallberg

Diana and William Kraynak

Charles Kriesel

Jackie and Terry Kroeger

Lorraine and Donald Kroger

Norman Kromberg

Alicia and Bill Kroupa

Michelle Krupski

Anita and Gary Krysl

Rochelle and Steven Kryszak

Kathryn Kucera

Steven Kuehner

Stephen Kuhl

Lori Kuhlmann

Barbara Kuhn

Maggie Kukovich

Effie Kullenberg

Dorothy and Roger Kupka

Colleen and Dan Kurmel

Regina and James Kyler

Sara LaBella

Patricia Ladenburger

Louise and Bryan LaFramboise

Antoinette Laguzza

Amanda Lajoie

Mary LaMagna Reiter

Holly Landon

Jane Landon

Shirley Lane

Marlena and David Laney

George Lang

Daniel Langdon

Dorothy Lange

Brenda and David Langenberg

Darla and Dale Langendorfer

Janet and Jack Langle

Mary Lanzing

Cindy Lapole

Ann and John LaRandeau

Kathryn Larimer

Mary and Lyman Larsen

Barbara Larson

Benjamin Larson

Carole Larson and
Lowell Eyer

James Larson

Roxanne Larson

Judy and Joseph Latoza

Laurel and Russell Lau

Wanda and James Lawson

Lilly Le

Cliff Leach

Sanit Leac

Marian Leary

Morgan Leatherman

Liz Leddy

Jonene Lee

Susan and Darin Leighty

Patty and Pat Leinen

Mark Leitel

Tara and Josh LeMay

Angela Lemrick

Valerie and Steven Lendt

Renee and Brian Leners

Mary Beth LeRoy

Jude and Stan Lessmann

Melissa Lester

Sandra Levermann

Cheril and Sean Lewis

Cherry and Gary Lewis

Kathleen and John Lewis

Ellen and Scott Liberty

Susie and Pedro Linale

Ellen Lincoln

James Lindahl

Chris Linden-Ridnour
and Dennis Ridnour

Kate Linder and Nikolay Dimitrov

Lyndsey and David Lineback

Dean List

Lisette and Eric Liudahl

Boyer LLC

Locher Pavelka Dostal Braddy
& Hammes, LLC

Brian Locke

Marlena Lococo

Tig Loeffler

Cindy and Scott Logsdon

Mari and Rocky Lohman

Mary Elizabeth Lomax

Samantha Lord

Jackie Loth

Gregg Loughman

Ursula Lowczyk

Amy and Craig Lower

Opal Lowman

Lozier Corporation

James Ludwigs

Carol Lundberg

Sunny Lundgren

Scott Lurry

Denise Luttrell-Warner

Jeanne Lutz

Kris Lutz

Quan Ly

Linda and Thom Lybeck

Gina and Chris Lypaczewski

William Maack

JoAnn MacDonald

Tara and Ryan Mack

Julie and Robert Mackin

Ruth and J. Terry MacNamara

Sandy and C. James Madden

Barb Madison

Gina Madson

Robert Maertz

Alicia Magnette

Hani Mahmassani

Judy and Timothy Mahoney

David Mainelli

Pam and Thomas Mainelli

Brenda and Brian Mainwaring

Brenda and Steve Major

Cindy and Scott Makinster

Nancy Mammel

Lucille Mangum

Laura and Brian Mann

Mary Ann and Russell Manners

Wendy and Todd Manvitz

Kay and Floyd Maresh

Deborah Marion

Joy and James Marple

Dawn and James Marra

Elliana Marshall

Ashley and Tad Martin

Claudia Martin

Sharon and Dan Martin

Elaine Martin

Janet Martin

Kendall Martin

Nancy and John Marty

Michelle and Barney Marvin

Donna Marvin

Ursula and Frank Marxsen

Melinda Marzigliano

Lisa Mascarello

Massman Nelson Reining PC

Connie and Michael Matejka

Therese and Robert Mathews

Dan Mathisen

Joan Matoole

Valerie and Howard Mattix

Sue and Bruce Mattson

Sheila and John Mattson

Roberta and John Matyja

Diane Mauk

Patty Maun

Margaret Maurer

Natalia Mausbach

Linda Mattson and
Michael Howland

Brenda and Rob Maxwell

Kiley Maxwell-Ward
and Marc Ward

Shirley Simons May
and Bob May

Cathy and Frank May

Denise Mazour

Donna Mazzie

Alexa McArthur

Cori McBride Aguliar

Melanie and Lucas McCain

Suiter Swantz PC LLO

Kendra and Mike McCallie

Bev and Stephen McCann

Kelly McCann

Tamara and Robert McCann

Roalene Redland McCarthy
and John McCarthy

Ruth and Jared McCarthy

Amanda McCary

Peggy McClain

Melinda and Michael McClaren

Barbara McCollister

Trina and Scott McCollister

Carolyn McCormick

Denise and Kevin McCoy

Laura McCoy

Linda McCrea

Karen and Rodney McCully

Beverly McCune

Sharon McDermott

Sharon and Gordon McDonald

Laura McDowell

Patty McElderry

Pat McGinn

Cynthia McGrane

Maureen McGrath

Nicole and Mike McGuire

Celine and Jack McHale

Helen McIlvain

Colleen and Gary McKain

Melinda McKenzie

Michael Mckenzie

Katie McKernan

Dorothy and Daniel McKinney

Kathy McLaughlin

Marguerite and John McLeay

Katharine and David McLeese

Jennifer McMahon

Denise McMillian

Deborah and Frank McMullen

Kevin McMurphy

Carolyn McNamara
and John Wagner

Jonna Mcnaney

Elizabeth McNichols

Maureen and William McPherson

Georgia McSorley

Sheila McSorley

Kristine and Craig McVea

Wendy Meade

LeAnn and Lamont Mease

Brenda Medinger

Mariella Medura

Vaughn Meeks

Roberta Megel

Cindy and Jim Meier

David Meier

Glenna and Paul Meissner

Michael Mendez

Audrina Mercado

Marcia and Jim Meredith

Michelle Merrill

Stephen Merritt

John Mertz

Michael Mestrovich

Tara Mesward

Carol and William Methven

Cassie Meyer

Tina and Joe Meyers

Megan and Paul Michalak

Midland National Life
Insurance Company

Karen and Guadalupe Mier

Pam and Arlen Mieras

Ray Mihulka

Thomas Miles

Millard Radiator Service & Welding LLC

James Millard

Barb Miller

Betsy Miller

Phyllis and Brad Miller

Carole Miller

Estheruth and David Miller

Marjory and James Miller

Shirley and Jerry Miller

Mandy Miller

Pam and Rick Miller

Joan and Robert Miller

Eloise and Glenn Millerd

Carly Milleson

Linda and Robert Minino

Tina Mischke

Cindy Miserez and
Jerry Dorcy

Karen and Mark Mitchell

Sonya and Bill Mitchell

Sharon and David Mize

Susan Molstad

Mary Moneto and
Pierce Carpenter

Jacqueline Mongeon

Milton Monro

Scott Monroe

Jacinth Montez

Candice Montzingo

Ju Young Moon

Aina Moore

Alyssa Moore

Cathy and Terry Moore

Colleen Moore

James Moore

Jeri and Paul Moore

Scott Moore

Tiffany and Jeremy Moore

Maria and Gerald Moran

Kathryn and James Morley

Linda Morris

Patricia Morrissey and
Brent Gilbert

Terry Morse

Morton Elementary

Pamela and Daniel Morton

Jill and Brian Moss

Tami and Kirk Moss

Stacey Moyer

Andrea Mozzocchi

Tina Mruz

Stephanie Mueller

Bev and Kirk Muffly

Kim Muffly

Ray Muhlecke

Joan Mulder

Beth Murphy

Betsy and Chris Murphy

Jo and James Murphy

Audrey and Robert Murphy

Murray H. and Sharon C. Newman
Foundation, Inc.

Karen Murray

Stephanie and Bud Mushlitz

Bridget Musick

Taylor Musil

Linda and Alan Muskin

Dawn Bartscher Musson
and Aaron Musson

Edward Mutch

Mutual of Omaha
Insurance Company

Marianne Muzio

Toni Myers

Nancy and Don Naab

NE Society of Medical Assistants

Jacqueline Neal

Judith and Bill Neal

Nebraska Academy of
Veterinary Medicine

Cindy and Kevin Needham

Susan and Darrel Neely

Patricia and Michael Neidow

Diane and Ben Nelson

Christine Nelson and
Kurt Keeler

Emily Nelson

Kathy and George Nelson

Jazmin Nelson

Joel Nelson

Kathleen Nelson

Rita and Steve Nelson

Amy and Sanford Nelson

Judy and Gene Nemetz

Eva Neufeld

Edeltraud Neumair

Pam Neuman

Joyce Neumann

Nicole Neumann

Ann Newton

James Nichols

Konda and Timothy Nietfeld

Judith and V. William Nissen

Brigitte and Jon Noble

Robert Noble

Ruth and John Noel

Cathy and Mark Nordhues

John Norvig

Justin Norvig

Elyse Novak

Sandra and Tony Novotny

Carolyn Nussrallah

Natasha and Steve Oakman

Stephanie and George O’Connell

James O’Connor and Diana Fuller

Laura O’Connor-Pierce
and Melissa O’Connor

Deborah and Gary Oetken

Barb and Ken Oetter

Julia O’Gara

Breyn Ogg

Kathleen O’Grady-Bell
and Ron Bell

Gigi and Kelly O’Hara

Michael O’Hara

Janice and Vern Ohlinger

Kimberly and Jason Ohr

Kathryn and Robert O’Keefe

Norma and Verlyn Olsen

Beverley Olson

Cynthia and Matthew Olson

Joan Olson

Randy Olson

Patty Oltman

Nicki O’Neil

Ila and Pete Ontiveros

Brenda and John Orr

Tracey Ortiz

Dana and Steve Osborn

Jean and Ron Osborne

Mary Jo and Richard Osterholm

Rita and Vernon Oswald

Carolyn and John Ott

Lois and Robert Ourada

Donald Overton

Cynthia and Richard Owen

Mary and Howard Pachman

Jean Pacholski

Lori Packer

Beverly and Jerry Padilla

Anne Leslie and Elmer Pahre

Kelly Palacio

Mia Papastavros and
Bob Haschenburger

Dennise Papek

Irene and Russell Pargett

Sandy and Dave Parker

Michelle and Reggie Parkhurst

Sherry Parkins

Lori and Kent Parkison

Cynthia and Douglas Parrott

Stephanie and Wendall Pascarelli

Emil Paskac

Cathy and Walter Pasko

Kimberly Passmore

Louise Pate

Donn Patrick

Jeanne Patrick

Linda and George Patten

Carole and Carl Patterson

Marcy and Joel Patton

Kris and Bob Patton

Barbara Pavelka

Marnie Pavlick

Jason Pawlenty

Barbara and Frank Payne

Laurie Payne

Susan Gayle Peace

Danielle Dubuc-Pedersen and Lyle Pedersen

Pegasus Travel

Carol and Richard Peklo

Rowena Pelenio

Angela Perez

Perry and Associates Electrical Sales, Inc.

John Perry

Dianne and Guy Peters

Jeff Peters

Wayne Petersen

Francesca Peterson

Melissa Peterson

Robert Peterson

Mariann Petit

Eugenia and Rodney Pfeifer

Wendy Pfledger

Margaret Phalen

Karl Phares

Ann and Ronald Phelps

Laura Phillips

Karen and Ron Phillips

Physicians Mutual Insurance Co

Kristin Piatkowski

Teresa Piccolo

Laureen Pickle

Ruth and Don Pieken

Leah Pietron

Pinnacle Bancorp Inc.

Derek Pirruccello

Michael Pirtle

Marcia and Steven Pitlor

Lynne and Mark Pitner

Richard Pitner

Lyman-Richey Corporation

Pam Plambeck

Danielle Platt

Wendie and Brian Plautz

Dorothy and Jon Polan

Susan and Tim Polaske

Gloria and Larry Polich

Sandra and Larry Polsley

Karen Popken

Leigh Poskochil

Candi and Gary Pospisal

Kathryn Poteete

Angela Potts

Shelley and Timothy Pratt

Kylee Predoehl

Willa Prescott

Sabine and Klaus Preuss

Karen and Jack Prewitt

Phyllis and Delbert Prindle

Mary Prioreschi

Susan Probst

Joyce Prohaska

Kelly Propst

Nancy and Ralph Pryor

Manuel Pubillones

Nancy and Charles Pugsley

Susan Puls

Stephanie Purcell

Maria Push

Mary Beth Putnam

Sheila and Michael Pyle

Carol and David Quandt

Jody Quartoroli

Fauna and Dennis Quick

Rebecca Quinn

Linda and Wendall Quist

R. Michael and Kathlyn Gross
Family Foundation

R. Radke

Anna Raines

Wendy Rainville

Laura and Dan Ramirez

Mary and Craig Ramsbottom

Dee Rankin

Mary Rankin

Patricia and Robert Ranney

Wajdi Rasamny

Carl Raser

Linda and Douglas Rathman

Kerri Rauch

Margaret and Bob Raynor

R.E. and Jane Reagan

Louise and Ronald Ream

Susan Reaves and
Robert Whipple

Linda Burt and John Rebrovic

Susan and Robert Recker

Patricia and Larry Reding

Marilyn and Bill Reece

Deborah Reed

Jackie and Vern Reese

Mary Regan

Lori and Kevin Reilly

Dawn and Trent Reinert

Terri and Andy Reinke

Jared Reinoehl

Mary Lynn and Richard Reiser

Karen and David Rexin

J.M. Reyes

Jeff Reynolds

Jeffrey Reynolds

Chris Reynoldson

Marie Rhodes

D’Ann Rhoten

Kathy and R. Douglas Rice
Cynthia and Thomas Rice

Mary Ann and Joel Rich

Amy and Jeff Richardson

Gina Richardson

Lynn and Raymond Richardson

Mary Richmond

Connie and Mark Richter

Tom Richter

Lila Rickel

Lou Riedmann

Amy Rieger

Jon Ringblom

Joni Ringdahl

Susan Rippey

Zara Risoldi

Beth Ritter and Alan Osborn

Lisa and Dennis Ritter

Christina and Roger Ritz

Jackie and Bill Rivedal

Riverside Meadows Pet Motel, Inc.

Kathleen Rivinius

Kathryn Roane and
Michael Coy

Amanda Robeck

Jordan Roberts

Christine and Craig Robie

April and Kenny Rocker

The Rod Rhoden

Robert Rodenfels

Sheri and Glenn Roe

Eleanor Rogan

Lori and David Rogers

Don Rogert

Vickie Rogge

Bridget Rolenc

Rose Blumkin Performing Arts Center

Terese Rose

Peggy Ross

Maxine Rosseter

Christine Rossiter

Lamont Rousseau

Myra and Dale Rowland

Elaine and Michael Royce

Faye Ruback

Kathy and Joe Rubeck

Allison Rubenthaler

Cheri and Robert Rubio

Angie Ruh

Lisa and Mitch Runco

Shirley and Richard Runnels

Michael Runyan

Runza Restaurants

Barbara and Warren Rushing

Carol Rushing

Ann and Douglas Russell

Betty and Lloyd Russo

Kristi Rutledge and
Steven Rice

Nancy Ryan

Susan Ryan

Vivian Ryan

Kathryn Saalfeld

Laurie Sachse

Michael Sackett

Pat and Steve Saewert

Sally Saklar Schoening

Esther Salcedo

Kristen Salinas

Laura Salkeld

Marylin and Charles Salter

Brent Sampson

Elliott Sampson

John Sampson

Pam Sampson

Deborah and Steven Sampson

Kaeli Samson

Deborah Sandstedt

Cheryl and Chuck Sanduski

Romaine Sangha

Lynn Saunders

Emma Sawin

Pamela Scamperino-Rule
and Steve Rule

Barb and Dan Scanlan

Joy and David Schaal

Ray Schaar and Linda Miller

Phiilp Schaffart

Karen and Gordon Schalley

Diana and Mark Scheetz

Susan Scherl

Melissa Scheuerman

Joyce and David Schilke

Judy Schiltmeyer

Nancy Schizas

Tim Schlosser

Diana Schmid

Doug Schmuecker

Heather and Bryan Schneider

Mary Schnoor

Mary Ellen and Dan Scholz

Ann Schow

Marcia and Thomas Schrad

Cora Schrader

Bette and Joseph Schrage

Mary Schroll

Ann Schuchardt

Mark Schuette

Jacquie and Doug Schumacher

Elizabeth Schwartz

Kathryn Schwartz

Traci and Alan Schwartz

Rebecca Scofield

Amy Scott

Tracy Scott and Patti Eldridge

Security National Bank

Connie and Dean Sedivy

Marlene Sedlacek

Marilyn Seidel

Susan Seidel

Kathleen Tighe Seidel
and Thomas Seidel

Mary and Tony Seina

Seldin Company

Tish and Gene Selk

Stephanie and William Semple

Lindsey and Scott Semrad

Sharon and Alfred Serrano

Gerry Sertterh

Brenda and Robert Servant

Gregory Severson

Teresa Shane

Kristine Shaner

Paula and Kenneth Sharpe

Ben and Danita Shaw

Mi Yong and John Sheffield

Jill and Richard Shefte

Mary Sheldrick

Marlene and Michael Sheppard

Donna Shipley

Patricia Shirey

Linda and John Shirk

Andrea Shoemaker

Ginny Sholl

Carol and Tom Shonka

David Shorey

Jennifer and Richard Shukert

Beverly Sibbernsen

Tahnee and David Siders

Duane Siebler

Carole Sieck

Robert Siedlik

Michele and Peter Silberstein

Denise Silverman

Robin Simanek

Mary and Thomas Simard

Stacy and Bruce Simon

Nicole Simon

Christopher Simpson

June Simpson

Margaret Singer

Susie and Michael Sip

Carmen Sirizzotti

Leigh and Patrick Sittenauer

Anjanette and Kurt Sivilich

Cindy Sketch

Anne and Bruce Skidmore

Kathy and Steve Skidmore

Brian Skutnik

Julie Sladky

Carol Slama

Debbie and Daniel Slattery

Jane and Robert Slezak

Slosburg Family
Charitable Trust

Susan Slowik

Laurie Smejkal

Pamela and Michael Smiricky

Allan Smith

Donna Smith

Mary and Greg Smith

Deborah and Gregory Smith

Joan and Gary Smith

Marsha and William Smith

Mary and Pat Smith

Kathy and Michael Smith

Patti and Scott Smith

Patricia and Sanford Smith

Joleen Smith-David

Sara and Larry Snider

Lindsay Snipes

Julie Snyder

Linda Snyder

Donna and John Soflin

Jeri and Matthew Somers

Mary Sommer

Denise Sorensen

Julie and Timothy Sorensen

Helen and Glenn South

Sydney Sowl

Nici and Brian Spangler

Lisa Spangler

Tad Spencer

James Spikula

Diane Spisak

Jeana and Michael Spizzirri

Christine Splittgerber

Phyllis and Dennis Sporven

Tanya Spratt

Jamie and Matt Spyers

Samantha Staab

Karen and Joe Staack

Sarah Staack

Katherine Stacey

Beth Staenberg

Sandra and John Stagner

Janet Staiger

Geoff Stalder

Diana Stanzel

Ernie Stary

Betty and Dean Stastny

Stephanie Steelman

Shirley and William Steenbock

Mary Ruth Stegman

James Steier

Patti Jo and Joe Stein

Susan and Robert Stein

Mary Ann and Anthony Stepanek

LaVon Stephens

Carol Stessman

Pat Steube

Kathy Stevenson

Jeanne Stewart and
George Cobb

Karen and Mark Stiles

Kristen and Philip Stiles

Susan Stiles

Howard Stimson

Cindy and John Stockwell

Dianne Stoddard

Heidi Stodola

Mary Kaye Stoeber

Dona Stohler

Pat and Leland Stoner

Felicia Storm

Alison and Paul Stormberg

Linda and Wayne Stouder

David Stransky

Lori Strohm

Lisa and Craig Strutzel

Susan Stults

Patty and Alfred Suarez

Patty Sullivan and
Rocky Horrocks

Mary and William Sullivan

Kimberly Sunderman

Ingrid Sutton

Angie Svec

Julie Swain

Dianne Swan Amenta

Kim Swanson

Mylet Swanson

Connie Anderson-Swanson
and Stanley Swanson

Chastity and Chad Swantz

Peggy and Rick Swarbrick

Christine Swerczek

Ronald Swigart

Danielle and Marc Talkington

Jane and Michael Tan Creti

Carol and Thomas Tascione

Enoch and Fukiko Tatum

Alison and Ted Taylor

Cecilia Taylor

Nancy and John Taylor

Sara and Jonathon Taylor

Kathleen Taylor

Rebecca Taylor

Cheryl and Tom Tedesco

Tenaska, Inc.

Phyllis and Larry Tennison

Merritt Tennison

Keiko and Nobuaki Terasaki

Jen Terrell

Kodi Terry

Nancy and Jeffrey Tetenbaum

Barbara Teter

Kathy Tewhill

Virginia and Gerhard Thamm

Kathy Thompson and Rob Rea

The McMillen Company P.C.

Kathy Theisen

Kathy and S. Joseph Thomas

Mandy and Matthew Thomas

Sheryl Thomas

Paula Thomassen

Heather Thompson

James Thompson

Jessica and Richard Thompson

Margaret Hartong Thompson
and Roger Thompson

Ann Thomsen

Linda and Jay Thomsen

Lindsay and Brett Thomsen

Parker Thornburg

Shirley and John Thorogood

Russell Thorsness

Mary Ann and Timothy Thunn

Chelle Thuringer

Janice Tiggelaar

Sandy and Mark Tillwick


Vanessa Timberlake

Suzanne Titus

Virginia and Timothy Titus

Carla and David Toczek

Charmaine Todalen

Carol Tomasek

Lisa Tompkin

Kris Tooman

Teresa and Russ Torres

Charlene and David Tostenson

Norbert Totosz

Kristin Townsend

Deaun Trayer

Donna and Bryce Triplett

Mary Jane Tritsch

Diane Truax

Jill Trunzo

Suzanne and Daniel Tuma

Melissa and Corey Tunink

Heather and Joe Turecek

Mary Ryan Turley
and Jeffrey Turley

Christine Turner

Jessica and Kevin Turner

Sharon and Brian Turner

May Tutor

Ginny Tworek

Cindy and James Tylski

Sharon and Gary Ugland

Andy Ulrich

Stephanie and Fred Ulrich

Karen and Brad Underwood

David Updike

Nancy and James Urbanec

Monica and John Urbanski

Jean Urich-Ogden

Janice Valen

Jan and Sue Van Doren

Ann Van Hoff

David Van Metre

Tim Vandeberghe

Scott Vanduzer

Sue and David Vanlandingham

Karen Vaughan and
Bruce Hochberger

Ruthmarie Vawter

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Vic Gutman & Associates, inc.

Victoria Leasing Company, Inc.

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Maria Wagener

Terry Waite

Rebecca and Gary Waldron

Julie Walker

Laurie and Thomas Walker

Jennifer Walsh Hawks

Patricia Walter

Vicki and Dean Wampler

Donna Wand

Margarita and George Wanek

Jamie Ward

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Gina Warner

Douglas Warren

Mary and Alan Wass

Daniel Wasson

Joy and Gordon Watanabe

Sarah Watson

Veronica Watson

Louise and Robert Way

Michael Webb

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Marcia and Leonard Weber

Nancy and John Webster

Patricia and Thomas Weddle

Pamela and Michael Weekly

Dorothy Weeks

Charleene and Williams Wehrs

Elaine Weidman

Ann Weidner

John Weiss

Connie and Kenneth Weiss

Kris and Terry Weland

Heather Wells

Robert Wengel

Nicholas Wessling

Christine Westberg Dorn
and Brian Dorn

Marilyn and David Westenhaver

John Weston

Erin Wetzel

Lisa and Gary Whalen

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Kathy and Tom Whannell

Mary Lu and Dave Wheeler

Eloise White

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John Witzke

The Women’s Serenity Sanctuary

Robin and Ron Woita

Lennie Wollen

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Tammy Wood

Marilyn and John Woodbury

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Dixie and Al Woodraska

Holli and Eric Woodward

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Carole and Robert Woodworth

Woof, Inc.

Barbara and Jerry Woolstrum

Ann Wordekemper

Elise Wordekemper

Rebecca Word-Orsag
and Mark Orsag

Laura and Dick Worick

Carol and Kenneth Worrell

Donald Wozny

Alexa Wray

Paula and John Wright

Deborah Wulz and
Robert Krelle

Sherry and John Wupper

Cara Wurtz and Jon Steuter

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Vivienne and Carl Wyllie

Nancy Yackle

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Rosalee Yeaworth

Inbal Yedid

Hilary Young

Kara and William Young

Your Comfort Home Care, Inc

Arletta Zabel

Sally and Ed Zachary

Martha and Bob Zajicek

Ronald Zank

Nancy and Raymond Zaraya

Phyllis and Rallen Zeitner

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Nancy and Michael Ziemba

Ilze Zigurs and Michael Beck

Andy Zimmerman

Jen and James Zinna

Sally and Jim Zipursky

Emily and Joe Ziskovsky

Nora and Barry Zoob

Mary Zuegner

Jessica and Paul Zulkosky

Monthly Donors

Anonymous Anonymous Anonymous Anonymous Anonymous Anonymous Anonymous Anonymous Anonymous Anonymous Anonymous Anonymous Pamela and Dwight Aldinger Leslie Allen Jean and Robert Allen Kjerstin Aman Patricia and Ronald Andersen Nicole Anderson-Ericksen Sally Ludrick and Robert Anderson-Ludrick David Anson Sandy Antoniak Don Arnold John Atkins Joseph Bacon Tyler Bakker Debbie and Mike Bangert Suzann Barben Vikki Bargar Kim and Chuck Barnes Carol Beach Mary and Ron Begg Robert Benton Sue Berg Barb Bernady Mark Bertsch Lisa Bethel Deborah and Robert Bezousek Mary and Charles Biffar Lynn Cisar-Birney and Donald Birney Christine and William Bixler Sharron Blanchard Debbie and Carl Bloomer Amber Bodell-Goetsch Janice Bohaty Joanne Boncordo Karen Bonneau Emily and Aaron Borgmann Linda Brandquist Roseann Brittain Carol and Bernie Brosnihan Cheryl and Craig Brown Heather Brown Terri and Richard Brown Cindy and Mike Bruckner Traci Buck Jenny and Joe Buckley Linda and Kenneth Bunnell Gena and Brad Burwell Patti Buxton Elizabeth Cahoe Jacklyn and Bill Cambridge Amanda and Boyd Cameron Lawrence Caminiti Vivienne Cardini Cindy Carlson Rodney Carlson Karen and Joe Casarez Susan and David Christensen Donna Christian Cathy and Michael Ciminski Soren and Pat Clausen Chrisine Clerc and Nicholas Wertzberger Kathy Coan Lynda and Ken Conant Margaret Conlon David Connor Margaret Cooter Sonja and Ken Cox Joan Cronican Cynthia Cronn Sasha Custer Patty Dailey Lisa Dale Dannie and Charles Daubs Janakbhai Dave Bill Davison and Mike Brown Steven Day Marcia and Vance Delehoy Shirley and Frank Desparrois Barbara Detlefsen Amanda DeWitt Theresa and Jeff Dinslage Jillane and Adam Disbrow Connie and Ron Distransky Beulah Drees Rachel Drews Andrea and Tim Driscoll Janis Drvol Jim Dudzinski Kristine Duffy Nita and John Dumke Joey and Eric Dyrdal Connie Elliott Peterson and Eric Peterson Gary Emenitove and Michael Jones Sheryl English Kimberly and Andrew Englund Joselyn and Mike Erickson Sharon Erickson Ruth and Jeff Evangelisti Patricia and John Fahey Linda Ann and Gary Feldbauer Jeanette and John Ferrin Elizabeth Fiala Michelle Fideler Molly and Jason Fleck Jeffrey Fonda Norma and Mike Fraley Betsy and G. Freeland Stephanie Fryers Linda and Bob Fuchs Kristyn Funk Julianne Furey
Ann and Leroy Galles Alyssa Garth Shannon and Noel Ginsburg Sheli and Steven Gnader Joan Gogerty Mayela Gomez Cheryl Gorman Karen Graff Jan Grange Jeanne Gray Angela and Rob Green Paul Greenwalt Anne and James Greisch Pam and Joe Grier Liz and Mike Griffith Anita and Tim Hagerty Janet Hansen Melvin Hansen Rose and James Hanson Sue and Glenn Harmon Keith Harnack Kim and Todd Hart Gayle Havel Laurie Hayes Cindi and Gerald Hearn Laura and Duane Heimann Karyn Hemmingsen Sara and Michael Henke Elizabeth and Mike Hermsen Elizabeth Hilpipre and Benjamin Bumgarner Gala and Wendell Hockens Jennifer and Derek Hodgson Stephanie Holdren Kathryn Honz Theresa Houston Karen and Douglas Hunter Helen Ann and Franklin Hutchens Richard Hutchison Patrick Hyatt Madelynn Jager Mary Janulewicz and Ben Burrus Gigi and Dave Jensen Jay Jensen Jim Johnson Tammy and Henri Jung Diana Jussila-Welsher and Aaron Welsher Deborah Kafka Fumiyo Kaneko Barbara Karpf Lonnie Keck Michele Kelley Patricia and Jerry Kenison Louis Kessler Cherie Kimble Dianne Kimnach Teresa and Rick King Maggie Klein Sue Klein Christine and Michael Klemme Shirley and John Klug Don Kohout Jackie and Bob Koperski Rachel Kozol Michelle and Robert Krapfl Stephanie Kremla Heng Stephen Kuhl Sandra and Johnny Kurt Sherri and Frank Labedz Sheri Lamb Dorothy Lange Patti and Dave Lanoha James Larson Becky Lebsack Mark Leitel Cheril and Sean Lewis Audrey and Tom Lewis Ellen and Scott Liberty Steve Likes and Ryan Thiele Margo and Todd Livingston Brian Locke Vicki and Jon Lockwood Samantha Lord Galin and Gary Lundgren Denise Luttrell-Warner Robert Maertz Gerald Maher Christine and Robert Mahoney David Mangelsen Deborah Marion Angie Marshall Pamela Marshall Jill and Al Martinez Joseph Martinez Barb and Chuck Masilko Jennifer Matheny Sue and Bruce Mattson Natalia Mausbach Kathy and Richard Maxwell Shelli Mayer Cori McBride Aguliar Kelly McCann Peggy McClain Scharlene McClanahan Sharon McConnell Billie McCoy Patti and Stephan McCoy Sharon and Gordon McDonald Bonnie McFarland Helen McIlvain Colleen McLaughlin and Joseph Martinez Sydney and Michael McMorrow Shelly Meirose Gail and Frank Merrick Kari Meyer Mandy Miller Janet and William Miller Eloise and Glenn Millerd Patrick Millerd Catherine Millerschone Meridith Minor Natalee Minthorn Shirley Moncus Jacinth Montez
Ju Young Moon Lee Moore and Michael Kluver Claudia and James Morgia Victoria Mosley Barb Motes Gloria and Keith Mueller Melissa and John Murante Jacqueline Neal Andrea and Scott Neill Roger Nelson Nancy and William Nicol Denise and John Norris Deirdre O’Farrell Kathleen O’Grady-Bell and Ron Bell Beth and Tom Olson Judith Olson Randy Olson Patty Oltman Pam and Roger Parkison Paw Paradise Spa Carol and Richard Peklo Douglas Perez Lesa Perry Gwynn Peters Francesca Peterson Melissa Peterson Susan and Gary Phillips Laura Phillips Laureen Pickle Deanna and Bruce Plath Jackie Pool Jodi Porter and Tyler Bowley Susan Potter Sally Prange Willa Prescott Danelle and David Prochnau Kelly Propst Donald Pruden Gayle Pullen Maria Push Jody Quartoroli Judi Ray Diane and Scott Reeves Enid Richards Jackie and Bill Rivedal Victoria and Edward Roche Amy and Steven Rodie Barbara Rodriguez Erin Rolf Allison Rubenthaler Cheri and Robert Rubio Judy and Steve Rumbaugh Mary Rush Carol and Mark Salerno Laurel Sea Cindy and Sam Seager Debi Semke Amber Shelman Ginny Sholl Nicole and Chris Shonka Robin Simanek Christopher Simpson Bobbi Smith Susana Solorio Elizabeth and Tom Spellman Jennifer Stanek Sandie Steffen Jean and Joseph Stothert Amy Sughroue Anne Marie Sullivan Julia Sullivan Vicki Sullivan Cindy Suster Nancy and Mark Sutherland Heather and Dan Svehla Kellie and Jason Tagge Nancy and John Taylor Kathleen Taylor Sheri Taylor Mary Teeter Cheryl Teser and Les Lowrey Jessica and Richard Thompson Cliff Todd Jennifer Toebben Carol Tomasek Lori Towne Charles Tracy Margie and David True Felicia and Andy Tweedy Cindy and James Tylski Cheri and Doug Uhlik Kellie Van Dyke Abby Visty Linda and Mike Waldmann Julie Walker Annette and Nick Weidle Ann Weidner Connie and Kenneth Weiss Angie and Donald Wells Terry White Mike Wiggins Jolyn and Steve Williford Katherin Wilson Katy Wilson Matthew Winship Jacqueline and Tom Wise Janna Wise Kelly Wolterman Mandy Wood Inbal Yedid Kristopher Young


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Estate Donors

Estate of Milton P. Abramson Estate of Lucette M. Alloway Estate of James H. Anderson Estate of Betty Beard Estate of Joseph F. Blazek Estate of Al Brown Estate of Patricia Sue Dormas Estate of Julia C. Gibson Estate of Dale W. Harkert Estate of Karoline Nurse
Estate of Mary A. Oberhelman Estate of Phillip E. Parker Estate of Esther and Raleigh Pilster Estate of John D. Posedel Estate of William and Patricia Ramsey Estate of Barbara A. Rodriguez Estate of Mary Lou Ruh Estate of Beverly M. Servey Estate of Cari Sommer

Capital Campaign

Construction on the Judy Varner Adoption and Education Center is underway and will be complete in March 2020. This exciting project is possible because of the generosity of the Grewcock Family and these 2018 donors.
Lucette and John Alloway Amis Family Foundation Anonymous Anonymous Anonymous Anne Thorne Weaver Anonymous Eric and Cassie Arneson Judy and Jack Baker Drs. Jack T. and Lynne J. Baldwin Jo Anne and Tom Bednarz Brenda and Alfred Beier Lori and John Belford Jean Bell Mary and Thomas Bernstein Anonymous Charlene Boehm Shannon and Rik Bonness Borsheims Lisa and Dale Botkin Lynne and John Boyer Mary Lou and Mark Brasee Bridges Trust Karen and Douglas Brouillette Kelly and Greg Broz Bunnell Family Cindy and Kerry Butterfield Jane Campbell and Steven Konnath Cassels Family Foundation Claire M. Hubbard Foundation Janet and Samuel Clark Ian Cody Continental Fire Sprinkler Jill Coyne Richard Crandall Beth and Brian Cutsor Mary and James Czyz Mary and Hal Daub Michele and Pat Dees Susan J. Dennis Angela Long Dermyer Connie Determan Theresa and Jeff Dinslage Dixon Family Foundation Russ and Jane Dokken Sandra and Patrick Dougherty Dr. C.C. and Mabel L. Criss Memorial Foundation Kendra and Stan Driver Mary Ellen and Jim Duffack Patricia and John Edney Matthew E. Ellis Karen Ensminger and Richard Lanoha Family Enterprise Bank Kimberly and John Erickson Janice Falk Michael Faust Shirley and John Fey Jodeen Fletcher Friedland Family Foundation Gallagher Foundation Janice Gardner and John Manganaro Kathy and W. Gary Gates Giger Foundation
Mary Kay and Allen Greenberg Kathy and Mike Gross Jill and Steve Gustwiller John and Ibby Hancock Sally and Bill Hanley Rebecca and James Hansen Kathy and Steve Hayes HDR Melanie and David Hecker Heider Family Foundation Heritage Services Nancy and Michael Hintz Gilbert M. and Martha H. Hitchcock Foundation Paul Hogan Sonya and Kirk Holmes Becky and Jon Hornbeck Nancy Hornstein Ike and Roz Friedman Foundation Brian Isenberger Jaguar Group Inc. Lindi and Daniel Janulewicz John K. and Lynne D. Boyer Family Foundation Mike Kalisek Anne and Jerry Kelley Helen and Richard Kelley Kiewit Underground Kiewit Companies Foundation Delores Kinder Gail and Hank Klauschie Carl Kleeman George Kleine Janie and Terrence Kolbeck Koley Jessen P.C., L.L.O. Jana and Steve Kruger Roger Kuhn Mary and Lyman Larsen Karen Lee Kacey and Joe Lempka Tammy and Chris Loeffler Faith Louis Daniel Lumma Gina and Chris Lypaczewski Bill and Jodi Macintosh Family Brenda and Brian Mainwaring Mammel Family Foundation Esther Martin Melinda Marzigliano Rene Maslonka Caroline Mason Melanie and Lucas McCain Sarah and Chris McGowan Anne and Michael McGuire Stephanie Howland-Moline Stacey Moyer Ellin and Dennis Murphy Mutual of Omaha Darlynn Myers Helen and Al Nielsen Dorothy and Patrick Nipp Kim and Jay Noddle Douglas Oberhelman Katherine and Jerry O’Flanagan Judie and Steve Olson
Oxbow Animal Health Pennelope and Steven Parker Jessica and Dennis Pate Patterson Family Foundation Char and Chuck Peterson PetSmart Charities Cass and Gary Pietrok Pinnacle Bancorp Inc. Lori and Mitchell Pirnie Verla and Tom Plummer Patti and Stephen Pryor Reve Salon Richard Brooke Foundation Barbara and Asif Rizvi Gail Werner Robertson and Scott Robertson Don Rogert Kathy and Chad Roum Carol and Wendall Rowe Lisa and Mitch Runco Linda and Kevin Saltzman Karrie and Keith Sasich Emma Sawin Carolyn and Larry Schmitz Barbara and James Schwartz Scot Bonnesen, P.C. Judith and Bobby Shackouls Danita and Ben Shaw Teresa Shepherd Marie and Lee Simmons Kathy and Steve Skidmore Lori and Joe Slates Mary Sommer Stanley M. Truhlsen Family Foundation Steinbach Farms & Equipment Sales, LLC LaVon Stephens Ann and Ken Stinson Vicki Sullivan James Sutherland Taylor Farms Virginia and William Teter The Harper Family Foundation The Harry A. Koch Company Lisa Timmins Ann and Kurt Tjaden Jill Trunzo Elisa Davies Brenda Mainwaring Union Pacific Foundation U.S. Bank Mabel Vankat and Bob Blakeman Vic Gutman & Associates, Inc. Maria Wagener Vicki and Dean Wampler Pamela and Michael Weekly Pam Wiese-Bundy and Jeff Bundy Mary Fran Willard Kathy and Mark Wilson Kathleen and Charles Witek Marilyn and John Woodbury Laura and Dick Worick Ellen, Stavely and Jess Wright Gail and Michael Yanney Your Comfort Home Care, Inc

In Honor of Pets

Angel and Blosson
Gloria and Tina Hawkins

Patrice Andersen

Courtney Bottazzi

Bouncy Sadei and Lazy Marlow
Mary Kitzmiller

Bubba Stomper
Anna Milos

Dorothy and Dennis Weeks

Cassie and Guss
Sally Honke

Daisy May
BK, Jen, L, E & N

Rebecca Langle

Emma and Sherman
Janet McCrae

Hera Pacholski
Alan Pacholski

Izzy and Curly
Sissy Sibler


Leeloo Dallas, Roxy Daggers and Winston Bishop
Jen Terrell

Sue Snodgrass

Sandra and Steven Whitham

Mico and Maverick
JoAnn Baker

Min, Gordy and Rick
Patty Evans

Adam W.

Edith Gallagher

Rascal TopCat and Aminda ShyGirl
Marily Griffith

Rubee Rose
Linda and Larry Finigan

Sadie Jo
Joyce Swanson and Family

Deborah Clifton

Sophie, Zuzu and Fidget
Charlotte Hyland

Lois Feddersen

Sylvester Smith
Mary and Pat Smith

Zooey and Zeus
Mom and Dad

In Memory of Pets

Abbey Kim and Rob Abby Marily Hrbek Abby Hough CCR Omaha Abby Smith Rissy Smith Carolyn and Jim Smith Adonius Robin Middleton Agnes Rock Alyson Ajax Schapper Kathy Gross Allie, Muggins and Tigger Jarnecic Karen Jarnecic All the kitties in Heaven The McLeys Amos Gena and Roger Craig Angel Dianne Hodge Angel Chedester Elizabeth Balazs Foxall Annabelle Locke Lori, Jill, Kornelia and Shelia Annie Connie Vitamvas Annie Weitz Barbara and Wally Weitz Apollo Randone Michele and Doug Grewcock Arnold Linda and Larry Finigan Babe, Maggie and Starsky Terri Andrews Bailey Mary and Dale Oviatt Bailey Skowronski Alyssa Nelson Barkeley Bear Brown Betty Brown and Family Bart Jeanne Barmettler Baxter Mom and Dad BB, Sam and Vicky Marleen Muenster Bean, Chewy and Pooh Pauli Bishop Beans Karen and Justin Bear Katie and Allen BearBear Busch Drinda Lombardi Bella Joleen Smith David Bella Linda and Larry Finigan Bella Johnson Your Timberline Family Bella Methven Carol and William Methven Bella Welsh Elizabeth Hermanson Belle and Duds Patricia McPherson Benny Mary and Howard Pachman Berta Barbara Smithson Bete Angie and Michael Hempel Betty, Daisy and Hazel Patti and Scott Smith Billy Francis Phil Reynolds Birdie Bruning Alexandra Penny Bo and Ty Sondra Meadows Bob, Joey, Ralph, Smudge, Kahuna and Ginger Jeanne Stewart George Cobb Boots Sonya and Bill Bosley Elizabeth Hilpipre and B.J. Bumgarner Bosley Doornkamp Clairee and Ouiser Lewis-Via Boy Fraser Kaplan Kelly Wathen Brand y and Banta Tig Loeffler Brittany and Chester Holly Goshinski Brodie Karen Frost Brooks Parker Brian Alfond Bruce Lyons Rudy Peetz Peetz and Company Friends Toby, Charlie, Lucy and Brody Bruiser Renee and James Holder Bruno Ray Krutzuba Bryngelson Family Pets The Bryngelsons Bryton Gail and Terry White Bubba The MKs Buddy Katt Michele Grewcock Lisa Jackson Buddy Pate The Dennis Pate Family Buddy Weitz Mary Kay and Allen Greenberg Bueller Elizabeth Lord Buttons Smith Emily and Lee Gladys Boeckner Callie Bill Gaus Candy, Cino and Mickey Lora and Antonio Lara Captain Jon T. Deuchler Casey Terri Andrews Casper Shirley Jefferson Cassie Darren Campo Cassius Connie Vitamvas Chale Anna Raines Chase The Borda Family Cheeto Sherman-Swift Erica and Adam Chelsea Anonymous Chelsea and Jewels Anonymous Chester and Brittany Holly and Timothy Goshinski Chili Ann and Gordon Moshman Chino Scholz Robin Fredieu Chloe, CeCe and other kitties who have lived with me Lois Feddersen Chloe, Gypsy and Biscuit Sue and Greg Rusie Chuy Patrick Bendon Compete Race Group Cierra Margaret and Dean Block Cinder and Band it Janice Bohaty Clara Patricia and Del Carlson Cleo Kathleen Berg Cooper Joe, Alexa and Maxwell Copper LeMay Tara and Josh LeMay Copper Lincoln Ethel Wolcott Crum Dogs Kim Crum Daisy Rita Strawn Daisy Glenda Yost Daisy Drickey Lise Barr Linda Cheatham Daisy Hoppe Gordon and Tom Elizabeth Hilpipre and B.J. Bumgarner Mary and Sandy Daisy Huntley Sandy Meadows Daisy Mae John Whalley Dakota Friends Debbie Carole and Robert Woodworth Delta Harris Lindsay Layendecker Diddy Angie Busch Dillan Walker Wieczorek John, Kellie, Easton and Chase Wieczorek Ditka Collin Sue Collin and Friends Dottie Joan and Robert Miller Doug Garcia Kelly and Greg Broz Dozer De Anne Butler Effie Moore Donna Kelly Eli Saferstein-Hansen Bob Belgrade Ella Mary Larson Ella Steffen Tyler Berger
Emily Cindy and Matthew Olson Emma Janet McCrae Emmett Kelly and Greg Broz Emmie Deb Grove Emmy Schlessinger Jennifer, Mike, Sam and Jake Bryan Esme Amee and Tim Snell Fatness Moran The Wandrey Family Felix and Cheyenne Philip Eyer Finney Kinney Elizabeth and Tom Tape Fiona Jeff and Jill Floyd Thomas Debbie and Ken Elson Fonz Alicia Buttner Frank Colette Stemm Frannie Norma Harrow George Durkin Jack Becker Lester Katz Georgia Lehan Beth Johnson Georgie Nancy Yackle Gibson Michael Goodman Grace Ellen Mellanee and Bill Kvasnicka Gracie Mae Linda and Larry Finigan Gromit Meisinger Erin and Paul Guadalupe The Schrader’s Gus Reestman Katy’s Friends Gus and Daisy Durkin-Craver Kim and Kip Gus, Mo, Clark, Ted, Hank, Norm, Kess, Waif, Beige and Jane Gordon Krentz Haddie Mae Hesse Lindsay and Angie for Team Hesse Kasey and Josh Hesse Halle Bartsch-Moore Crissy aka Mom Hannah and Abby Carolyn and Michael Fjell Harley Sally and Jim Zipursky Harley Vance Jennifer and The Haggart pups Robyn and Dale Vance Hattie Lois Ourada Peggy and Tony Caruso Henry O’Flanagan Katie, Jerry and Family Hilde’ Mike and Kathy Gross Honcho, Sotty and Pfred The Montzingo Family Honey Janet and Jim Holthaus Honey Your Payroll Pals Hoover The Winton Family Husker Brown Morgan Leatherman IB Lester Katz Jack Becker Isabella Patty Sullivan and Rocky Jack Kava Carol Tucker Jade South Debra Schrampfer Sherrie Campbell Jager and Lilly The Koukol Family Jane Elizabeth Hilpipre and B.J. Bumgarner Kathy and Mike Gross Michele Grewcock Gordon Krentz The Haggarts Char and Chuck Peterson Linda Dobry Linda and Larry Finigan Jasmine Lauren and Tony Kincaid Jessie Mary and Bob Schuchman Jewel Kittycat Mommy Jimmy Choo Grandma and Grandpa Jinx Kamp Mary and Robert Gonderinger Josephine Wagner Duncan and Teddy JR Colleen Moore Judy, Jenny, Sammie, Sophie, Gussie and Tina Antoinette Turnquist Julz and Alli Jodi Kaylee Sutton Bill Gaus KC Alex and David Miles Kermit Jill and Brian Moss King Anna Sorensen Kip Susan Martineau – Riverside Meadows Pet Motel Knox Sally and Jim Zipursky Kody Deb Grewcock Kramer Schuring Brad Cowden – Outdoor Adventures Unlimited, Inc. Mary Helen and Andy Cookle Lady, Molly, Sassy, Shadow, Spencer, Gabby, Simon, Riley and Jasper Pam and Laurie Layla Dr. Nicholas Woodward Leonard Anne Radford Lex Roebke Amber and Berkley Allred Libby Amee Snell Lil Kelly Wolterman Lily Gloria and Tina Hawkins Lily Rod and Jack Little Albert Sandra and Tom Pearce Luci Lu Bojanski Sharon Bojanski Lucky Tim Schlosser Lucy Peg and Dean Luka Pam Otto LuLu Mullin Chloe, Zoe, Joey, and Remi Luvy Mr. and Mrs. John Bowsman, Jr. Lydia Suzanne Foley Jones Maddie Linda and Larry Finigan Maggie Linda and Larry Finigan Char and Chuck Peterson Maggie Michele and Doug Grewcock Mand i Harris Angie, Christy, Mike, James, Grace, Ryan, and Sammy Mango Nancy Yackle Marley Larsen Susan and Don Martineau Maura Chris, Shawni, Alex and Aiden Maverick Chris and Dennis Strauss Max Briana Ruhl Max Lauren Vanderneck Max Braasch John, Jody and Luna Nunez Max Donahue Angie and Michael Hempel Memphis The LinkedIn SOS Team Mia Thesing Linda Cheatham Millie Barlow NFM Human Resources Molly Paula Bolton Molly Dick, Cindy and Sadie Marr Molly Ann Francis Brenda L. Orr Mozart Kathy and Mike Gross Mr. Lovey Sue Fisher Mr. Mack Jack Johnson Mugsley Smith Kathy and Mike Gross Neelah Sheffield Dana Gill Newt and Buddy Westerholm Kathy and Mike Gross Nick Patti Lanoha
Norman Judy and Keith Michael Goodman   Norman Nelson Killgore Family November ‘Novi’ Thomas Holly Landon Olive Haggerty Stormborn Robbins Laura and John Robbins Omah Julie and Gelbman OrangeCat Leddy Liz and Mike Leddy Oreo The Lippincott Family Oscar and Doug Pieper Amy Lett Otis Nelson Carol Knudtson Oz Craig, Paula, Lauren and Trey Wiemer Ozzie Novak Kathy Kirschner Robert Novak Paddy Louis Linda Cheatham Linda Dobry Faith Louis Patches Brad Burwell Penny Sharolyn Beck Penny Mary Kay and Allen Greenberg Penny Beagle Jane and Bob Colesar Penny Lane Mallory Iseminger Penny Polak Metro Omaha Medical Society Co-workers Pepper Uncle Dean and Aunt Peggy Pistachio Martin Kendra and Kramer Martin Porter Margaret and Larry Cohn Porter Pamela Otto Punky The Hoffmans Pusher Julie Snyder Quarter The Weiss Family Radi and Wrigley Genola Rose Hegge Raggedy Annie Kitten Kane Libby Kane Raydo and Jetta Janet and Donald Bumgarner Reese Harms Hevlin Jane Schuster Reggie Thomsen Rhonda Nelson Riley Roberto Jean Jetter Rocky Grewcock Deb and Bruce Grewcock Michele and Doug Grewcock Ellen Wright Rodger Colette Stemm Roscoe Picos Marisa Mixan Rosie Cathy Guinane Ruby Rocky Horrocks Patty Sullivan Ruby Mary and Howard Pachman Rudie Carlson The Bashara Family Runt Nanook Cheryl and Barnie Chapman Saba Victoria and Edward Roche Sadie Terry Morse Sage Ann and Gordon Moshman Sam and Moosey Shirley and Bob Sam, Snowball, and Sonic’s eye Ethan, Susan, Cai and Ava Sammy Briana Ruhl Sammy and Katie Anonymous Scooby Mary Regan Shadow Linda and Dennis Bryers Shaggy Tricia Riggins Shroeder and Sadie Eleanor and Joe Kliment Sid Bumgardner Boyd Jones Sierra Lexi Gilbert Simon and Penny The Hoffman Family Skaagway Bette and Harold Staub Skye The Matt Hoppe family Sly, Kodi, Muffin, and Lucky Merle, Nan, Sarah, David Socks Kathy and Bob Giddings Sophie Mitch Fuller Dan Ostergard Sophie Berry Valerie and Michael Cook Sparky Sheryl Thomas Sparky and Cheddar Michelle Kaufmann Spud Mike Eisenhart Gary Winingham Stormy and Cookie Lynne and John Farr Stuey Linda and Larry Finigan Sugar 1 Shirley and John Thorogood Sugar Baby Gregory Gavin Suki Tjaden Kodi, Kent, and Kena Sunny Swisher Marcia Blaine Deb Grove Elizabeth Hilpipre and B.J. Bumgarner Alex, David and Bosley Miles Susie Onalee Doss Symin Hunter The Robbins Family John, Laura and Austin Tabitha Vergamini Linda Myers Tally Linda and Jeff Ullrich Tank and Joe Rosemary Camp Tess Kava Carol Tucker Tex Laura Brezenski Thor Olson Bridges Trust Thor Kocovsky The Kovars Tickles Spahn Lisa Miller Tiger Gay Abraham Tigger Marcia Blaine Tigger Severin Elizabeth Hilpipre and B.J. Bumgarner Tilly Tricia Westergard Toby Linda Oliver Toby Taylor The Hodge Quad Tommy Swingle Sheryl and Tom Hill Tony Test Dad Kim Arter Tootsie Stel Landauer Ann and Gordon Moshman Trout Barb Braden Erin Wetzel Tucker Harvey Munchkin, Ross and Sam Tuna Lefler Terry and Dave Reed Tupac Heidi Bernard Elicia Hauschild Tux Robert Oakes Vincent Bednarz Jo Anne and Tom Bednarz Vito Susan and Angelo Passarelli Walter Bea and Ray Knodel Walter Michelle Wright Wenny Paula Wiemer-Trant Wilbur Stieren Susan and Don Martineau Willie Baer Kathy Gross Wills Karen and Justin Winston Gorman Robyn Amis Yula Loretta and Arnold

In Honor of People

Congratulations on your participation in the 2018
AkSarBen Ball
Molly Addison Tom Ashford Marley Atlas Peter Ayoub Carson Bartelt Anna Bartholomew Elizabeth Benson Harper Bickford Andrew Blair Olivia Bradford Olivia Bryant Aven Buda Cloie Clark Cooper Clark Simon Clark Sophie Clark Daniel Coyle Collin Degan Louise Dietrich Grant Dombrowski Charolotte Dugger Olivia Enenbach Emelia Espejo Maura Fay Jacob Feilmeier Soren Fraham Lauren Hagstrom Graham Harry Lily Hefflinger Charlotte Hegarty Juliann Hellman Duncan Henning Harrison Hite Molly Horgan Barrett Houghton Riley Hunzeker Will Hupp Charles Jeffreys Henry Jeffreys Katharine Karnes Nicholas Krehbiel Ellie Kroeger Anthony LaPuzza Chase Lewis Spencer Link William Marshall Ella McMahon Charles Oakes Caroline Petsick Charles Potthoff Reese Redding Charlotte Regan Brynn Robertson Thomas Rogers Tyler Schneiderman Davis Schulte Tom Seline Camden Siner Gavin Siner Max Slosburg Clara Stalnaker Summer Stokes Taylor Tauber Josephy Vasko Charles Walenz Beau Walker Evelynne Ward Reece Watanabe Cicely Willis Alexander Yale Sidney Ziemba Cindy and Mogens Bay Jim Adrian – Happy Birthday! Starla Griffin Lisa Aiello Joan Ackley Alex – Merry Christmas! Terese Rose Patricia Andersen – Happy Holidays! Eric Andersen Brad Anderson and Melissa Smart – Congratulations on your Marriage! Linda and Tom Kimminua Athletes’ Training Center Members Athletes’ Training Center Baby Gansito Lauren Gonzalez Gerda Bailey Anonymous Dr. Chris Balwanz Margaret and Bob Raynor Gary and Kay Bannick – Happy Anniversary! Mary Eller Kathy Barrett and Jack McDonnell Jerry and Barbara Pam Behle – Happy 35th Anniversary! HDR Mandi Behn Raeanna Kuzman Shannon Bergman Thor and Loki Bindy – Happy 2nd Birthday! Norma Harrow Elisa Blazek The Giger Foundation Board Sydnie Blume and Lola The Rannals The Blumer Family The Baird Family Ari Blumkin – Happy Birthday! Megan Kugler Becky Bonneson Myers – Happy Birthday! Donna Zellmer Barry L. Braesch – Happy Birthday! Curt Boyle Marvin Bratka – Happy Holidays! Kirk, Lori and Sydney Bratka Jan and Mike Brezina Lois Olsen Ted and Tracy Bridges Dana and Mike Meyer Annette and Paul Smith The Greg Bruening Family Shannon Williams Ryan Bruggeman – Happy Birthday! William Burri The Bunnell Family – Happy Holidays! Chris and Darin Elizabeth Burr – Happy Holidays! Karry Morton Sharon Busch The Sanduski Schipperkes Sue Calef Barbara A. Teter Cathy Ciaccio – Happy Holidays! Dave Ciaccio Jim and Kathy Clark – Merry Christmas! Linda and Larry Finigan Dr. Jessica Clemens Barbara and Wally Weitz Kylee Comer – Happy 14th Birthday! Karla and Tom Wendelin Deborah Conley – Merry Christmas! Pat and Jerry Boynton Brian Conroy Athletes’ Training Center Joan Costello Mary and Michael Combs Kathy Coufal – Happy Birthday! Martha McGlothlin Dallas K. Angela Younglove Daughter and Son-In-Law Andy Zimmerman Carolyn Dews Shawn McMahon Jennifer Donnahoe and Milo Troy Niehus Kerry Ecklebe Marina Rosado Wyatt Eckley – Happy 2nd Birthday! Lala and Papa Lori Cusimano Eurich – Birthday! JoAnne and Ricahrd Eurich Mike Farhart – Happy Holidays! Ruth and Fred Hartman Mike Farhart and Finn – Happy Holidays! Tonee and Tim Gay and Family Larry and Linda Finigan – Happy 50th Anniversay! Char and Chuck Peterson Linda Finigan – Happy Birthday! Tish and Gene Selk Char and Chuck Peterson Five Elements Veterinary Alternatives (Dr. Michele Eckerman and Dr. Grant Hebel) Mitzi, Jon and Dorothy Polan Florence Animal Hospital – Happy Holidays! Jim, Linda, Natalie, Stitch, and Murphy Watson
Gusia Fosmer – Happy Birthday! Joanna Faryna Shelly Fox – Happy Birthday! Ellen Edie Gallagher – Happy Birthday! Suzanne Foley Jones Diane Gartner – Happy Birthday! TJ Cindy Gilbert and Mike Augustine – Happy Holidays! Brandon Fred Gilbert – Happy Birthday! Sheila Mee Fred Gilbert and Sheila Mee – Happy Holidays! Brandon Andy Gill – Merry Christmas! Cathy and Rick Bayne Nicole Gilreath Brian Michele Grewcock – Happy Birthday! Kathy and Mark Wilson Pauline Guzman Pam and Tom Snodgrass Gary Hacker Barb Madison Jen and Jim Haggart – Merry Christmas! Barbara McCollister Tim Halpenny – Happy Birthday! Debbie Hansen Kathleen Hansen The Harlow Family – Happy Holidays! Debbie and Bob Bezousek Samantha Harpster Tariq Khan Kathleen Hawk – Happy Birthday! John Hawk Meg and Bryan Hawks – Happy Holidays! The Watsons Denise Hegerty – Happy Birthday! Janet Westenburg Andy Hein – Happy Holidays! Mandy and Fox Nervig Denise Henkle and Family Madonna Brutsche Sarah Herbolsheimer – Merry Christmas! Patti and Robert Herbolsheimer Rudy Hix – Happy 8th Birthday! Norma Harrow Sterling Hoebelheinrich – Happy Birthday! Aja and Ryan Jessica Hoien Kelly Propst Dr. Ron Hollins Linda Dobry “Hyatt Operation Kindness Jolly Saint Hicks Team” – Happy Holidays! Anonymous Jake and Cole – Happy Birthday! Jasper Emily Jones – Happy Holidays! Kathleen Jones RuthAnn and Ronn Jungers Marcia Jungers Clyde Justman – Happy Holidays! Janey, John and Vivian Mason Nik Khots – Happy Birthday! Jack Thompson Jim Killips Katie and Joel Leah Kleager David Rusterholz Jenny Kluver – Happy Birthday! Dad, Margaret and Reo Rex Konigsberg – Happy Birthday! Peter Lutz Dr. Emily C. Koppold, DVM Nancy and Jim Nicol and Toby Tom Kounkel – Happy Holidays! Jade Friesell Dominique Kousgaard and David Parsow – Congratulations on your Marriage! Henry Elbert Eileen and Paul Robbins Kathy Kirshenbaum Tammy Elias Terri and Joe Greenberg and Family Bucky Greenberg Elyse and Barry Novak Barbara and Tom Lincoln Nancy and Jim Mulhall Karen and Donald Scheck Jim and Beth Gordon Krentz – Merry Christmas! Linda and Larry Finigan Gordon Krentz and Tom Simons Rebecca Armstrong Langle Michele Grewcock Arlyce Thompson-Krug – Happy 70th Birthday! Joni, Brophy, Jacob and Sarah Cindy Larson Stephanie Nichols/United Healthcare Paige and Mike Lewis – Happy 25th Anniversary! Elaine Rossi Shannon Lloyd Robyn and Kevin Conlon Anna Mahoney and Ryan Goughnour – Congratulations on your Marriage! Kim and Mike Fecht Claudia Martin Cheri Duryea Diane Zenchuk Matt and Whitney Pam and John Mitchell Roberta McCampbell The Conway Brothers Mike Mead National Indemnity Joanna Mercier – Happy Birthday! Tina Mercier Thomas Meredith – Happy Holidays! Athletes’ Training Center Tara Mesward Pat DiBiase Donna Miesbach – Thank You! Monterey Village Condo Association Lori and Mark Mitchell Your Jimmy Johns Family Jean Mutz – Happy Birthday! Roxie and Family Myrtle Norma Harrow Lisa Nielsen James A. Sutherland Karin Nilsson Mickey Chainski Trish Nipp – Happy Birthday! Dorothy and Patrick Nipp Jonny and Bridget Noble Erin, Mike and Liam Finigan Mary Norton – Happy Holidays! Robert Trant Paula Wiemer Trant Lauren Wiemer Trey Wiemer Aimee Odette – Happy Birthday! Denise McMillian Nena and Patrick Ohman Marcia and Gregory Thumann Mary Oliver – Happy Holidays! Gary and Brita Sara Olson – Happy Birthday! Jim Walla Dominique and David Parsow – Congratulations on your Marriage! Anne and Bruce Shackman Margo Parsow – Happy Valentine’s Day! Aaron and Charles Parsow Patty, Sue and Bev – Happy Birthday! Marcia Julie Paustian – Happy Holidays! Amy Ahrens Matt Payne – Happy Holidays! Team J Squared
Char Peterson – Happy Birthday! Linda and Larry Finigan Phyllis Chuck Peterson – Happy Birthday! Linda and Larry Finigan Ken Pfister – Happy Holidays! RSCONCO Amy Pivovar – Happy Holidays! The Troias Anna Podber David Podber Prentiss Grant Law – Happy Holidays! Prentiss Grant Law Paralegals Mike Preston and Debra Parsow – Happy Holidays! Alex and Kendall Preston Stella Quinn – Happy Birthday! Elza Brugman Linda Quist – Happy Birthday! Family of Linda Quist Paula and John Ratajski Danielle and Ben Oakes Stephanie (Tess) Reveling The Oleynikov Family Juanita Richeson and Eugene Kallman Sally Zachary Gayle and Howell Roberts – Celebrating their 46th Anniversary! Gayle and Howell Roberts Maralee Rodgers – Happy Birthday! Kristen Suzanne Rose Dustin Rose Barbara Ruser – Happy Holidays! Kate and Greg Bilys Linda Saltzman – Happy Birthday! Amy and Tim Zweiback Julie Samson – Happy Holidays! Kaeli Samson Nic Swiercek Amy Sanderhoff – Happy Birthday! Stephanie Herrera Sar Bear – Happy Valentine’s Day! Miles Joel Schlessinger – Happy Holidays! BMCG Jim Scholten – Congratulations on Retirement! National Indemnity Company Mack Schrader – Happy Birthday! Jenny and Jeremy Groen Judy, Holly, Julie and Amy Schram Anonymous Nicole Shonka – Happy Birthday! Carol and Tom Shonka Krista Smith Skylar Hunter’s Family Mary Smith Sharon Schwarz Sue Snodgrass Paula and Dan Smith Catherine Sosso – Happy Birthday! Diane Curran Brady Spangler – Happy Birthday! Stacy and Joseph Casson Family and Friends Margaret and David Ipsan Nicole and Brian Spangler Robin and Randy Spangler Sophie St. Amour Carole Ann and Ray Boice Kay Stoupa Lorri Brockman Jackie Strohm – Happy Holidays! Lori Strohm Kathy Sudak and Marty Cohen – Congratulations on your Marriage! Linda and Larry Finigan Scott Swanson Amber Roberts Denny and Lynn Swanstrom – Happy Birthday! Linda and Larry Finigan Pam Swisher Beth and Curt Greiner Dr. Tom Tape Linda Dobry Cecilia Taylor – Happy Birthday! Family and Friends Diane Taylor Berkshire Hathaway Homestate Company Jocelyn Taylor – Happy Birthday and Merry Christmas! Andrew Taylor Olivia Elizabeth McGinnis-Taylor The Nebraska Dream Team Kristin Townsend and Family and Daisy Theresa Hovorka Trish and Dave’s 25th – Happy Anniversary! Crystal Hunt Kandi Tuet and Family – Merry Christmas Mike Friesz Dr. Antoinette E. Turnquist – Happy Birthday! Aaron Dise Jim Skrobo Carol and Larry Uebner Mary and Jim Uebner Aahdi Vel – Happy Birthday! Luke, Johnathan and Grace Iryl Voelte – Happy Birthday! Janet and Peter Staiger Nathan Walz – Happy Birthday! Erin Hotovy Sam Ward – Happy Birthday! Robin and John Stiles Zane Watanabe Joy and Gordon Watanabe Nancy and John Webster Leslie Lauvetz Angie and Don Wells Teddy, Scout and Miss Darling Rachel and CL Werner Adena and Chuck Peterson Lori and Bob White Jean and Lloyd Mill Pam Wiese Kurt Keeler Christine Nelson Debe Wilson – Happy Birthday! Jeri Petersen Roger Winkelhake – Happy Birthday! Mary and Howard Pachman Winston – Happy Birthday! Heather and Bryan Schneider Chris Wirth Intl. Assoc. of Reservations Executives Theresa and Paul Witt – Merry Christmas! Linda and Larry Finigan Anna Wolf – Happy Birthday! Family and Friends Becky Wolf – Happy Birthday! Mike McCleery Rhonda and Dick Rupert Katie and Tad Spencer Linda Spencer Bennett Wolverton – Happy 10th Birthday! Family and Friends Annette and Stan Schnell Alexander Yale – Happy Birthday! Sarah and Adam Yale Jack Young – Happy Holidays! Gary

In Memory of People

17 Victims MSD High School Parkland Florida Charlotte Hyland James L. Adrian Allison and James Jr. Adrian Dee and Jim Adrian Donna and Ronald Adrian Cheryl and W. Thomas Cavel Ann Corporan and Clifford Petersen Starla Griffin and Family Family and Friends Melissa Osentowski and Dale Johnson Rowe’s Services, LTD. The Ryan Family Dennis Akerson Cheryl and Craig Brown Claire Ann Strasser Anderson Anonymous James H. Anderson Madeleine and John Hausig William Anderson JoAnn Haafke Mary S. (Pesek) Antony Anonymous Barbara Aranson Karron and Bob Folker Judi T. Aten Carolyn and Darrel Aten James Dean Aten Jeannie and John Birdsall Carol and Daniel Kovar Brandi and Scott Schaefer Mardis Merritt Aten The Coughlin Family MarketSphere Frances Badger Marsha Anzalone BlueCross BlueShield of Nebraska Gerda E. Bailey Diane and Steven Bergman Gilbert Cohen Lisa Farrell Kathleen and James Hall John Hartigan Linda and Robert Minino Kathy Zabawa Nelson Ruth and John Noel James Ogden Rozely and Ron Penzkowski Deborah and Gregory Smith Virginia Walsh Lois and Larry Wilson Brigitte A. Zimmerman Marilyn Barton Lynette and Dr. William Singer Richard John “Dick” Bauer Elizabeth Adams Central High School Janet and Eugene Dixon Marsha Grote Carmen and Richard Hood Clare Horning Betty and Thomas Majeski Maddi Pilypaitis and Lindsay White Carol and David Quandt Teradyne, Inc. Linda and Bill Wilson Sharon Wilson Betty and Jim Beard Little Guy and Dandy Guy Barb Beatty Sheryl and Ted Koehn Judy Lewis Wendy Welch Mike Becic Jacqueline Becic Lori Bemis Julie Huard John Bendon Marion Bendon Edwin Benson ACI Friends Ozzie Berens Bonnie Frics Helen Berglund and Django Carol Smith LTi Technology Solutions Lisa M. Berounsky Mary and Jim Barrett Lori and Frank Blessner Kim and Randy Blum Cindy and Mike Bruckner Laura and Anthony Bruckner Marilyn and Robert Bruckner Robert Bruckner Christy and Christopher Buresh Gregory Chapp Children’s Behavioral Health Karen and Mark Frisbie Anisa and Eric Hoie Theresa and Joseph Lyons Mary Martha Michael J. Biers Joyce and John Fuxa Chef Tom Billett Jill and Brian Moss Alan J. Bills Sharon Bills Family and Friends Helen Jane Bisson Sally Bisson-Best Commercial Flooring Systems Brent Gilbert Kathleen and Raymond Pentagulio Katherine Rall Virginia Sholl Terry and Patrick Wingate Laura Blankenship NE Society of Medical Assistants Donna Blauw Merrilou Klug Elizabeth Bonham Jean and Joe Shulo Harry L. Bosard Cheryl and Craig Brown Keith A. Bouchard Brenda Hughes Paul M. Bourne Angela and Bret Brasfield Joyce and Fred Kelly Richard “Dick” W. Bowley Marcia and George Bergstrom Helene Campbell Mary Jean and Monte Campbell Sharyl and John Erskine Family and Friends Judy and John Gustafson Nancy Markey and Family Marnie Pavlick Margaret Stanesic The White Families Edward H. Boyer Margie S. Boyer John R. Bradley Marilyn and Tom Castro Karen and Joe Caston Patti and Steven Gound Mrs. Brady Marci van der Meulen Marie Branson Bill Gaus Dorothy Jean (Viner) Brezacek Virginia Bruning Julie and Tim Sorensen Ron Brodkey Sally and Jim Zipursky Pat Broman Zaiga and Michael Moriarty Susan Coury Rogers Mary Coury Whiteside Dennis Brown Anthony Bacino Peggy and Tony Caruso Patty and Ted McElderry Mary Brown Patrice Proulx Jack Browning Cindy Hoffman Theresa Buchanan Michelle Spies Jeff Burggraff Brenda Kastens Joe Bush Ruth Ann and Ron Popp Victoria A. Buso Juanita Vice Ron Butler Bill Gaus Brendan K. Byrne Linda and Thomas Collins Margaret Conley Jo and Dave Dyroff Family and Friends Nancy and Tom Waters Katie Campbell Stephanie Campbell Katrina Ann “Katie” Campbell Aaron Brandon Andrew Bauer Matthew Bauer Stephanie Campbell The Chavez Family Joe Elliot Bridget and Thomas Flaherty Tamara Heinson Fowler Friends and Family Paul Goolsby Kimberly Johansen Carol and Ronald Kranz Dee Ann and Randy Kraft Kristy’s Friends – Laura, Matt, Carla, Taylor, Ryley, Chelsey, Ryan, Megan and Cody Maggie Kukovich Claire (Conway) Ledesma Joe McAulliffe Thomas McGannon Bob Noble Kyle Peterson Soren Peterson Kylee Predoehl Jessica and Matt Presnak Jerry Sharkey Peter Campbell Michelle Julian Trevor Canaday BOTW HE Underwriting Team Kim and Ken Bunnell Sharon Dunham Mary Anne Dworak Cristin, Aubrey and BJ Edmonston Bill Gaus Norma and Matthew Goltl Mary Ann Hemphill Margie and Jon Hoffmaster Phyllis Hospers Marilyn Hrbek and Jim Roberts Dr. Kort Igel Carla and Gregg Johnson Anthony Keller Lynne and Kevin Kush Luma Services, Inc. Karen and Frank Mancuso Andy Means Anne and Bob Morgan Steven Paup Joanne Roberts Cheri and Allan Richards Kristy Stave Brenna Salzbrenner Kristy Stave Pam and Bob Taylor Liz and Dennis Thompson Lynn Williams Nicole Canine Wendy and Ryan Mears Family ReSound Technical Support Staff Katherine A. Cashatt Dan Cashatt Georgia L. Centretto Charles A. Centretto Dierdre Huser Kathy Rivinius Julie Reyes Jon Chance Theresa and Rick Culbertson Harvey Chappell Family and Friends Darlene “Dotty” Christensen Kim and Mitch Elliott John Ritland William L. “Bill” “Chris” Christensen Alyce and Alan Berk Beverly and Victor Van Arsdel Charlotte Dickey Church Nancy and Mark Deetz Ellen and Lee Ehlers Katherine Floersch Fraser Stryker PC LLO Cathy High Suzanne, Kory and Travis Knudsen Patricia and Dr. Hans Langner Laurel and Russell Lau Cathy Lodge Nancy Stuart Mike Orris and Mark Sullivan United Electric Supply Co. Delores Vlach Raymond Vondrak Terry Cimino Valerie and Howard Mattix Frank V. Citta Brandon Valley Transportation M. Maxine and Carl Citta Teresa and Susan Cormaci Rayann, Joe, Mary Jo, Sue, Rich, Louise, Rodger, John, Mary and Dave (Golda Family) Dawn and Harry Hoult Martin Ostransky Carol and Bruce Starkey Marnie and Bruce Starkey Michelle and Bruce Starkey Sheila and Merlin Scholting Kim and Mark Scholting Betty Clapp Linda Cunningham Roxanne Koenig Corrine Brown and Joanne Luebbert Karen and Mark Novak Pat Clow Jonathan Bruns Joanne Coash Claudia and Steve Amen Debra and Arthur Andersen Kathryn Roane and Michael Coy Shari and Tomas Dvorak Friends of the Family Maureen and Terry Gregory Massman Nelson Reining PC Linda and Michael Massman Maureen and John Ross Taylor Made Home Solutions The Stricklett Family Neoma Mae Colerick Sherry and Scott Duckett Shawn Concannon BACK2HEALTH Inc Laura T. Cook CetraRuddy Archetecture D.P.C. Phyllis Blease Pamela and Dale Cummings Robert Goodnoe Barbara and Dennis Kreifels Russ Furlong Susan M. “Sue” Costanzo Georgiann Benish Sharon and Jon Bowers Sandy and Kevin Coan Beth and Ed Conoan Donna Craver Nora and Stephen Crouch Wendy Curtis Imogene Eickhoff Family and Friends Maureen Herrick Mike Jaeger KPMG Richmond Office Markel Deerfield/Omaha Friends and Co-Workers at Markel Corporation Michele Moser Linda Moore Kristin Townsend Janice Lee Cowden Julie Brophy and Bill Lutz, Brad Cowden – Outdoor Adventures Unlimited, Inc., Beverly and Jerry Sanders Roger Craver RVLI – Rosie, Liz, Chris, Shalet, Rod and Taylor Cathy Crawford Debbie Daisley Zachary Conrad Lee Crinklaw Ruth Diedrichsen Family and Friends Sherri and Brett Monson Nila Novotny and Jackson Moore Craig L. Cullen Deanna and Alan D’Agosto Cindy Cutts Julie Huckfeldt Lowell Daisley Aidan, Katrina and Krista Rita R. (Rasmussen) Morrissey-Dame Friends and Family Randy Damratowski Toni and Greg Brown Kathleen Dankert Lois Ourada Marjorie A. Danneel Rozanne and Duncan Murphy The Landen Family Security National Bank Dr. John Byron Davis Sally Bekins Sandy Von Rieser and Cindy Anderson Cynthia Epstein and David Wiesman David C. DeGroff Cecilia and Greg Arndt Family and Friends Robin P. Devlin OCI Patricia and Larry Reding Hazel Dillon Marleen Muenster Carolyn DiMinico The DiMinico Family Patsi Dinan Kayla and Tim Jim Ditsworth Karen and Kent Jordan Ken Divis Kathy and Doug Rice Larry “Noodles” Donnelly Julia Cerny Margaret Donnelly and Family Family and Friends Judith and Elmer Gochenour and Family Mary Rezac Jack Quinn Family Marilyn J. Drew Cynthia Fornoff Bill Howell Carole and Jeff Howell Martha Ann Howell The Mallatts Mary Ann and Russ Manners Brenda and Bill Roach Kat and Rob Rodenfels Betty Eberspacher Cathleen Kintner Louise Edge Claire and Larry Blass Nancy Carr Elizondo Becky and Greg Banks Debbie and Tom Berg Nancy Berg Vicki and Mark Carlson Jim Elizondo Debbie and Steve Grady Anne and Ed Hagstrom Susan and Dean Hokanson Patty and Tim Lalley Vicki and Randy Lyons Jackie Mach Anne and Marshall Prewitt Scott R Ruth Rodgers Margherite Schoepfer Joanne and George Swarbrick Peggy and Rick Swarbrick Elizabeth and Mark Tritsch Joan and John Yokel John Warren “Jack” Ellis Sally Fink Antoinette Turnquist Ellen Moore Joanie Fink-Arney Daphne Mairesse Badeaux Ann and Kenneth Bird Carolyn and Charles Burris Terri Ellis Lt. Col (Ret) and Mrs. Robert Elsass Friends and Family Barbara Garlow Kathi Healey and Doug Bugay Kim and Bob Kubat Custom Health Care Inc James Lindahl Becky and Jim Reilly Jeanne and Fred Schizas Nancy Schizas Suzann and Michael Tierney Debra VanRoy Mike Ellis Nancy Zaraya Roseann A. Elsasser BlueCross BlueShield of Nebraska Vernon W. Elske Sharon and Paul Kracher Barbara Hansen Friends and Family Alice Erftmier Morton Magnet Middle School Mary Graeve Erhart Peggy and Michael Poe Ken Evans Anita and James Stratman Alex Farley Walter Gosnell Dr. James Edward Feld, DDS Roberta and Richard Copple Vaughan G. Fellows Jean Clanton Lois and Bruce Costar Jane Dumler William Gdovic Carole and Jim Grothe Larry Johansen Diane Knust Nancy and James Lykke Arleta and Robert Mullin Belinda and Randall Praeuner Betty and Roger Quick Jack Schiessler Peggy and Gary Smith Robert Ferguson Patricia Morrissey and Brent Gilbert Brad T. Finkle Todd Finkle and Patti Livingstone Betty Fox Joyce and Michael Johnson Robert Frakes Glenda Yost Wesley Fredell Merry and Rick Hadfield Gerald R. Freeberg Friends at Wellbound Fitness Dianne and Jerry Stejskal Judy F. Freeman Emily Jones Marleen Muenster Jeanne and Dave Prucha Larry E. French Justin, Crystal and Nikola Ronald W. Froien David and Nicholas Miller Marianne G. Furlow A-1 United Heating Air and Electrical Inc. Teri and Delten Andresen The Bushey’s Geil Browning Georgia and Glenn Carpenter Vicki Chadd A.H. Criste and C.R. Garrett Teri and Donald Dennhardt Dale Evans Family and Friends Sigfrid Festersen Gwendolyn and Raymond Graves Kim Haney Andrew and Cynthia Huff Chip James and Bob Begley Barbara and David Kousgaard Sandra Levermann Linda and Patrick Lichter Nancy Mammel Susan and David Morris Jill and Todd Moeller Beth and Bo Ochsner Carole Rose Rick Gabriel Sherry Gabriel and Family Edward Garaczkowski Annalee Garaczkowski Mark Gaston Peggy and John Warren Linda M. George Sandy and Clif Hammond Charles Gerhard Jan Clark Alice Joyce Gibilisco Linda and Paul Gardner Emily and John Guzallis Susan and Derald Peters Theresa Marie “Teri” Giblin Loretta and John Cosgrove Regina and Jim Lehnhoff Keith Swisher Margaret Giles Margaret’s Sisters Jim Glyn Jane and Lou DeLuca Barbara L. Goehring Joanne Champeau Lauren and Daniel Daitchman Marilyn Ivers Judith and Thomas Kain Kate and John Morris Julie and James Oswald Marilyn Peterson Karen and George Sennentz Brenda and Jeffrey Thacker Carol and Larry Uebner Nadine and Bob Weberg Westridge Pool Association Faye D. Gomez Mary C. Gray Salvador Gonzalez Crystal and Miles Havekost Kay Gordon Family and Friends Tracy Gostomski Nancy and Ron Archdekin Sara Graue Janet Stibor Joyce A. Gray Valee Brown and Family Shirley Chleboun Audrey Eisenach and Mary Jean Amick Mary and William Murdy Judi and Terry Wiese Dr. Willis Gray Drs. Victoria and Edward Roche Anonymous William L. Grewcock Jo Anne and Tom Bednarz Brenda and Alfred Beier Charlene Boehm Shannon and Rik Bonness Cathy and Scot Bonnesen Borsheims Lisa and Dale Botkin Lynne and John Boyer Karen and Dr. Douglas Brouillette Kelly and Greg Broz Tina Cherica Clark Construction Group, LLC The Colorado School of Mines Family Continental Fire Sprinkler Richard Crandall Beth and Brian Cutsor Mary and James Czyz Mary and Hal Daub Connie and Rod Determan Jane and Russ Dokken Kendra and Stan Driver Pat and John Edney Enterprise Bank Karen Ensminger and Richard Lanoha Family Kim and John Erickson Michael Faust Kelly Paige Fletcher Kathy and W. Gary Gates Janice Gardner and John Manganaro Kathy and Steve Hayes Melanie and David Hecker Cindy and Scott Heider Heritage Services Nancy and Mike Hintz Sonya and Kirk Holmes Becky and Jon Hornbeck Ineight, Inc. Brian Isenberger and Billie Mike Kalisek Kate and Charlie Anne and Jerry Kelley Helen and Dick Kelley Kiewit Companies Foundation Kiewit – Southeast District Kiewit Underground Carl Kleeman III George Kleine Koley Jessen Roger Kuhn Jana and Steve Kruger Kacey and Joe Lempka Tammy and Chris Loeffler Daniel Lumma Gina and Chris Lypaczewski Jodie Mackintosh Melinda Marzigliano Anne and Michael McGuire Ellin and Dennis Murphy Nebraska Medicine Executive Office Helen and Al Nielsen Kim and Jay Noddle Doug Oberhelman Loretta and Doug Patterson Pennelope and Steven Parker Cassandra and Gary Pietrok Pinnacle Bancorp Inc Lori and Mitchell Pirnie Verla and Tom Plummer Patti and Stephen Pryor Carol and W. Lee Rowe Gail and Scott Robertson Lois and Don Rogert Kathy and Chad Roum Keith and Karrie Sasich Barbara and James Schwartz Judith and Bobby Shackouls Danita and Ben Shaw Marie and Dr. Lee Simmons Kathy and Steve Skidmore Judy and Dean Skalla Mary Jessen Sommer Steinbach Farms Ann and Ken Stinson Taylor Farms – Amy and Bill Ginny and Bill Teter Ann and Kurt Tjaden Jill and Rod Trunzo US Bank – Stacy L. Nelson Mabel Vankat and Bob Blakeman Vic Gutman and Associates, Inc. Maria Wagener and Patrick Traynor Vicki and Dean Wampler Pamela and Mike Weekly Pam Wiese-Bundy Kathy and Mark Wilson Gail and Mike Yanney Your Comfort Home Care, Inc. John Griffith Ellie an Steve Griffith Deanna Grindle Martha and Neil Graff Ronald J. Grisnik LaVonne A. Grisnik Lexi Howland Gross Jody Smith Cathy Grosskopf Janet and Donald Thayer Jean Group Family and Friends Scott M. Grove Family and Friends Wendy and Melvin Mays Anne and Jim Redding Richard Schnell Terry P. Groves His Family John Guenzel Thomas Rohan John William Jr. “Jack” Guggenmos Ruth and Al Baird
Vernon and Hermina Hamann Craig and Tyler Chingren-Hamann Maradelle L. Hammerstrom David Arterburn Rebecca and Mark Dickey Tami Hammerstrom Pat and Paul Hoffman Cynthia and Kevin Klein Carol Lindstrom Frankie and Lowell Moore Jane Wineteer Kailyn Hancock Jim and Joanne Graves Pam Harbin Farmers National Company GKSM Milt Katskee and Dean Suing Richard Harmon Mary Dishman Henrietta Harms Betty and Lloyd Russo Paula Harrington Christine Condon Ann Harvey Anne and Mark Hunsicker Carla J. Hass Friends and Family Colleen Ann (Hegarty) Hawley Catherine Hanrahan Rusk South Cynthia M. Hawver Bellevue University Operations Team Family and Friends Joan Graham and Gary Cooper Jennifer and Chad Grossnicklaus Marlene Hawver Kristin Hunter Kelly Jenkins P.J. and Bryan Melby Becky and Ron Neal Jacquelyn and Charles Saylors John Wilke Nancy Wilke Paul Wortman, D.D.S. Ileana Heathman May Bojanski Donna Henderson Leroy Henderson Doris Henry Jennifer Ettinger and Andy Saladino Richard Hergenrader Eleanor Holcombe Claire Hewitt Mary and Dan Langdon Marilou E. Hillabrand Leslie and John Allbery Jodi and Boone Diana Brink The Brouillette Family Carolyn Lawson Cindy and Harold Lett Sandy Madden Blayne Sharpe Donna Reiss Your Friends at Vine Time Joan Kucera-Hinkle The Coughlin’s Lillian A. Hoefener Betty Brown and Family Sally and Frank Compton Michelle Dowd and Mike Cowie Pat and Frank Dowd Family and Friends Marla Houston Barbara and Warren Rushing Donna Wand Mary and Robert Wright Cari Ann Hoffmann Jan and Ron Hoffmann Glen Hollingshead Rodney Rahl Amanda Holoubek for Christmas Sandra Holoubek Patsy Hosman Debbie and Sam Bower Amelia J. Hotz Family and Friends Lee and Gerry Goldsborough Michele and Donald Hotz Lynn and Matt McCourt Karen and Mark Mitchell Mike Mitchell Laurie Weber Richard and Jean Howell Richard Howell Theresa Fern Huck Lois Butler Charter Oak Fire Association Robin and Timothy Klein Charles Myers Kyle, Christy, Loryn and Carson Schultz Curtis L. Huey Rosalie and Robert Huey Family and Friends Lozier Corporation Lozier – DC Locher Pavelka Dostal Braddy and Hammes, LLC Alberta O’Donnell The Women’s Serenity Sanctuary – Lori Wiles Catherine Anne Hughes Friends and Family John Husebo Gayle Kline Frank A. Huskey Data Systems, Inc. Jack Cynthia McGrane Norman A. Jackman Yvonne and Thurman Ballard Joan and Ralph Batenhorst Mary and Hal Daub Family and Friends Lori and Kent Fehr Guthrie Sales and Service Co. Inc. Theresa Hovorka Mary and Paul Jacobs Debra and James Ludwig Jayne and Michael Macholan MaryAnn and Richard Rooney Peggy and Donald Vrana Kathy and Brett Wawers Peter W. Jacobsen and his 64th birthday Mary and Ron Marchese Ellen M. (Hegarty) Jenks Sue and Dave Cap Kristin Gabelhaus and Timothy Rathmann Linda and Harlan Sedivy Philip Jennings Sharon and Arthur Bloom Betty and Richard Day Family and Friends The Wagemann Family Carol Jensen Mom and Dad Alexa Kristine Johnson Stephen Anderson Carl Bruhn Barbara and Richard Coke Family and Friends Gottsch Enterprises Connie and David Giese Angie and Shane Hake Angie and Jeffrey Hazen Catherine and Bradley Holtorf Emily and Mark Johnson Margaret and Dennis Johnson Pamela and Loren Johnson Cheryl and Nick Lamme Brittany and John Leibel Kevin McMurphy Julie and Steve Navarrette Anna and Karl Phares Marka and Tom Sawyer Janet and Robert Therien, Jr. USACE Dennis B. Johnson Allan Cleveland, Jr. Jan and Dave DeRoin Karolyn and Frank Gappa Mary Ava Gossman Nancy and Mikal Hanson Ellen and Docker Hartfield Patti Johnson Loren Koch – Brother Sebastian’s Steakhouse Anne and William McGargill Larri Volterri Karen and Bob Waltermire Heather A. Johnson Ane and Quinn Abraham Corey’s Friends at Solze Family and Friends Dorothy and Donald Halsey David Hayes Kevin Hitchcock Anita Hoebelheinrich and Family Tom Holzapfel Dawn Inzauro Pamela Kenny Ruth and Charles Madison Joan and Frank Messerli The Nicholas Family Melissa Pearson Debra Schlagenhauff Diane Smith Bettye and Bill White Sheila Wistrom James Delbert (Jim) Johnson The Asbjornson Family Judy Ecklund Peggy and Larry Fletcher Amy and Chris Johnson Marlyne N. Johnson Preceptor Beta Alpha Sharon and Tom Arndt Ann Heinson Carol Meredith Gloria Jones Connie and Fred Crow Thomas R. Jones Kathy and Doug Rice Betty Lee Joseph The Hagerty Family Mary J. Justman Leigh and Jim Adams Sally Bekins Christina and Brad Beal The Gorman Family Renee and Mark Kamp Sandy VonRiesen and Cindy Anderson Barb and David Woods Lance Kaplan Koley Jessen P.C., L.L.O. Melody Karnes Cheryl and Gregory Averill, Sr. Family and Friends Sheila Gudenrath Yasmin and Ralph Hauke Victoria and Michael Lorenz Missy Schreiber Joyce and John Sobotka Janice Teegarden Leann (Van Kirk) Karschner Whipkey/Franz Family Deb and Ron Cizek Mandy Strigenz Kathleen and John O’Doherty Family and Friends Kayte Pat and Barry Butterfield Vic Kazmierczak Gerri Kazmierczak Russell Kazmierczak Gail Allen Keenan The Grier’s Erin Kelley Jackie and Terry Kroeger Kiley and Marcus Ward Mary Louisa (Nocita) Kelly Roberta Connolly and Arthur Miller Diane and John Denkinger Family and Friends Christine Harrison Lucy Hooper Andrea and Sanford Nagrotsky Donna Simonetti James C. Kenyon Sandra Fox Dave King Rebecca Langle Jack and Marshall Kittelson Don Perry – Perry and Associates Electrical Sales, Inc. Jerry Lee Klabunde Family and Friends Ruth I. Knight Sandra and Luke Aldy Rose Marie Brandt Korene Fehringer Barbi Hayes Mary and Larry Stigge Sharon A. Koenig Jan and Rob Altmanshofer Ceil Bitter Teri and Michael Cieciorka Family and Friends Kristi Freese Jim Huey William Johnston Andrea and Thomas Koenig Jan, Dave and James Koenig Karen and Frank Mancuso Marisa Mixan Walt Prodywus Judy Stark Phil Shoemaker Barbara and Francis Vinci R. Joe Kopecky, Jr. Teri and Tom Adams Linda Korte Karen and Floyd Van Briesen Carlene R. Kraft Shelley and Terry Ahlers Donna Ask Dorothea and Carl Brady Debra and David Brandon Jamie and Steve Casselman Geri and Rockland Goodwin Mary Lou and Gary Hannibal John, Sara, Lori and Paul Hogan Mary and Jack Lindley Sheila and James Quinn Kellye and Michael Rouw C. L. Werner Werner Lakeland Terminal Werner Terminal Managers Lynn Williams David H. Krahn Nancy Krahn Charles R. Kremla Shari and Dave Collins Ellen and Kevin Dasher Annie and Dave Dibelka and David Jr. and Family Fran and Jim Hoover Family Carrie and Dan McLaughlin Carole Miller Marge and Dennis Murphy Roz and Tom Neumann Scott Norvell (Tagge Rutherford Group, Inc.) Kristin and Eric Piatkowski Natha Tabor Phyllis Kroeger Marleen Muenster Peter Kwiatkowski Mary Meyer Charles Wilson “Chuck” Lammert Susan and Tom Bonitz Jill and David Bruckner CHI GI Docs Eastern Sarpy Co. Lake Association Friends and Family HBE, LLP Kay and Floyd Maresh Bette and Joseph Schrage Carri and Jeff Siedlik Cindy and Martin Sketch Roxanna and Mark Sok Gene Lamplot Covich and Kamp Family Diane Kmiecik Patricia and Marvin Mollner Christina and Darrel Piatt Lorri Rowlett Lisa Stillahn Jacqui and Doug Schumacher Jennifer and Tim Spiker and Family Shirley A. Larsen The Beamis Family – Betty, Karen, Janelle, and Merlyn Lowell Larson Cindy and Mogens Bay Linda Cheatham Patricia Morrissey Deanna Rood Laughlin BlueCross BlueShield of Nebraska Murphy – Murphy and G. Faist Becky Nicholson Sylvia and Colin Sanderson Mary Jane Vinzant Laverne Marcy and Joel Patton Rosie Leach Kathy and Doug Rice Karen N. Leigh Susan and Jerome Pieper OI and T Field Office Susan and Jerome Pieper Sherry and Michael Rush Heather Wells Yvonne E. Lemke Family and Friends Joyce Lenn Lisa Gustin Ruth and Morris Levine Claire and Larry Blass Michael L. Lewis Joan and Kenneth Aylor John H. Lichty, Jr. Family and Friends Barbara Lieberknecht Sandy and C. James Madden Vickie Lien Nancy Amsler Linda and Bruce Carnes Cheri Cody Marlee Eigenberg-Gordon Family and Friends The Foster-Hay Family Kathie and Joel Haskins Tamara Hunter Carol and David Johnson Melissa Keegan Mary Croady-Leeper and William Leeper Loris New OPPD Friends Betty and Barry Segell Sheri Stanek Carol Wood Gary Linden Chris Linden-Ridnour Edward Linhart Family and Friends Sandra Lloyd Family and Friends Linda and James Parry Debra and James Piontkowski Victoria F. “Vicki” Lohman Janet and John Hansen Dennis Howard Lundgren The Brethren of George W. Lininger Lodge #268 Cecil Bykerk Terri and John Diesing Jodeen Fletcher Nev and Gordy Fredrickson Mary Kay and Allen Greenberg Nancy Hanson Anne Hellbusch Margie and Jon Hoffmaster Kris and David Karnes Steve Kenney Jane and Terry Kolbeck Dr. Herbert and Cynthia Hartman Audrey Hulsey (Pegasus Travel) Clo Ann and Edward Langdon Lyman and Mary Larsen Dorothy and Patrick Nipp Judie and Steve Olson Tony Pesavento Pro Tem Club Mary Beth Richmond Barb and Dan Scanlan Dale and Linda Krause Shallberg Martha and David Slosburg Judy and Bob Thomas Yvonne and Patrick Tooley Dian and Jim Warren Anne Thorne Weaver Robert and Mabel Madsen Renee Madsen Virginia L. Maine Julia and William Cockrum Maryann and Roben Henrichs Karl Montgomery Deborah and Daniel Muldoon Cathy and Scott Simmelink Deb and Keith Spackler Karen and Jordan Stevens Family and Friends Margaret “Peggy” Mainelli Cecilia Bartholomew Pam and Joe Bataillon Jane and Marty Bilek David Boocker Cyndi Conrad Dede and Pat Donahue Family and Friends Gayle Herold Barbara and Joseph Jackson Susan and Andrew Katsaounis Helen and Kevin Keillor Susan and Eric Manley Marcy and Frank Odorisio Jan Packard Louise Pate and Gayle Peterson Linda Stagg Jim and Jo Shady John Sampson UNO Math Department Danielle Jolene Coe-Major Sheree Coe Jake Makens Tom Makens Marin B Mann Aureus Nursing LLC Luke F. Marcum Diane Neis Linda Margritz Michelle Winegar David A. Markley Family and Friends La Vista Middle School Wrestling Samantha and Ty Lloyd Laura Mann Aaris and Matthew Nespor Ernest J. Mascarello Lisa Mascarello Mark Massman Ann and Kurt Tjaden Janice Maurer Margaret Maurer Joe McCartney Elizabeth and Tom Tape Sidney Odell McClenny Family and Friends Lillian and Gerald Fye Joyce Swanson, CPA Mary K. Thomsen Bob McDaniel Suzanne McNamara Sandra McDowell Kathy Knickrehm Margaret Ann (Warren) McFarland Mikes’ Brothers and Sisters Sue Collin Dr. and Mrs. Edward Langdon Cindy McKeen Lyman-Richey Corporation Deborah McMaster Pam Jespersen and John McMasters MaryBeth Meiches Karen and Mark Delgado Kay Memmer Jane and David Antholz Family and Friends Joyce Klaasmeyer Cindra and Dennis Rinne Denise and Keith Valenzuela Kay Merrifield Jacqueline and Monte Abell Cindy and Douglas Beaman Christine Diercks Nancy Dodge Family and Friends Sanita and Jim Leach Pat Merrifield Kay and Steve Rose Stricklett and Associates, Inc Arlene and Richard Westbrook Woodhouse DC Staff Norbert “Knobby” Meysenburg The Harry A. Koch Co. Dennis M. Miller Jeff and Carol Dale Teresa, Jeff and Ron Volcheck Michelle R. Miller Nebraska Medicine Friends and Family Skip Miller The Rose Theater Employees Richard C. “Mad Dog” Milota Ann and Thomas Brannen Joan and Craig Edmundson Family and Friends Alice Milota Raymond Shaddy Gregory Mitchell Wanda and James Lawson Lois J. Mitera M. P. and L. K. Denny (Denny’s Electric) Rhonda and Todd Niehaus Mary Ann and Dave Sixta Bobbie Mixan Keith Mixan Frank Mixan Mary and Craig Ramsbottom Edgar Mogensen Carol and Darren Stohlmann Mom Louis Wolfson Mom, Dad, Oreo and Maxine Sandy and Clif Mom and Schatzi Leah Faltin Leland A. “Lee” Monson Aeko Technologies Barbara and Robby Daniels Judy and Rich Fitzgerald Steve Jensen Linda Johnson Rebecca and Ryan Mahr Diane and Andrew Meza Kristina Palmisano Edie and Lyle Rebhuhn Mary Jo Ziskey Aina I. Moore Daina Lager, Cindy and Scott Logsdon Alice M. Moore Rebecca Schutte and James Moor Georgie Ann Moore Leslie and Dennis Regan Bonnie Kudron Steven W. Moore Cyndi and Larry Stastny Betty and Dean Stastny Jody Moreland Brenda and Todd Chase Joanne Baumeister-Morgan Julie and Daniel Brandt Dorothy and Jack Gell Kat and Gregory Hamilton Kathleen and Cory Juma Ann and Douglas Russell Louise Morgan Jerilyn and Robert Ruff Megan Thomas Maryann Morris Ellen Albrecht Scott Morris Theresa Ross Richard Morse Terry Morse Brian Moser Periop Nurses at IMC Jennifer Ann Merie Mosser Megan DeBoer Family and Friends Ashley and Christopher Forsman Vickie and Thomas Latier Michael Mendez Patty and Dick Miller Jean and Pat Paul Wendie Plautz Jane and R.E. Reagan Mary Moore-Salem and Thomas Salem Deborah Sandstedt Sydney Sowl Jennifer’s friends at Southern Star Central Gas Pipeline Nancy and Rod Stivers Jane and R.E. Reagan Tri-Ball Tournament The Wandrey Family Lori and Bob White Mark Whitt John Muenster Marleen Muenster Janell Mulcahy Hope Stockwell Tracy and Claire Baker Amy Scheevel Lucy Murch Barb Rennert Shirley and Richard Beck Steven Murphy Karla Krzycki Jerrie Mutch Barb and Ron Carey Jacque Mongeon Aimee Naab Renee Carter Paula Cork Family and Friends Mutual of Omaha Insurance Company Donald and Nancy Naab Gerry Sertterh Margaret A. Nave Cheryl Moninger-Bettin and Joel Bettin Nancy and Wes Dodge Family and Friends Sandi and Mark Mireles Donald Eugene Nelson Austads and Pattersons Patricia Eldridge and Tracy Scott Family and Friends Judy and Joseph Latoza Janet Nelson The Christianson Family Janice G. Nelson Leslie Brotherson and Karla Widra Sue Brusnahan Family and Friends Kathy Hanson Annie Magnusson Melinda and Mike McKenzie Marinell and Gary Neuhaus Pamela Otto Physicians Laboratory Friends Cassy Richards Carolie and Daniel Smith Shari and Wayne Talbert Joan Mares and Judith Vonseggern Mary Wise Josephine “Jo” Nettell Friends and Family Jill and Lee Harker Beverly McCune and Christine Kunz Sue and Jon Roberts Jennifer and Jeff Snow Nancy Williams Sydney and Bill Winstrom Theodore R. “Ted” Neuenfeldt Dorothy and Ken Gappa Eric George Niedbalski Leanne and Richard Denney Jan and Tomie Green Barbara Incontro Mary and John Knott Sue and Richard Knott Tamara and David Nosal Arlene and Karl Porzelt Gina and Tom Richards Richard Ring Kristin and Frank Vondra Dr. Karl F. Niehaus Dorothy Butterbrodt Vicki and Jim Dinsmore Nancy Long MH, NH and JH Donald Skoog
Sebastion Nigro Teri and Del Andresen Veronica and Thomas Barry Chris and Tom Boldt Kimberly and Thomas Egan Lynn and John Hamill Sharon Hofschire Janet Katz Linda and Lance Larson Kendra and Frank McGree Janice and William Palmer Sam Watson Janelle and David Wilson Noreen Kathy and Doug Rice Karoline M. “Kay” Nurse Kris Caputo Teresa and Michael Cieciorka Debbie and John Mangiameli Roalene and John McCarthy Judy McCaig Dianne Scott and Alix Morrison Eva Neufeld and Diane Inserra David Scott and Rick Carey George and Sandra Sojka King C. Oberg LeAnn and Lamont Mease Terry and Margo Pirruccello Don Osbourne Tom Rohan Ron Osborne and Lacey Jean Osborne Frances Olson Stacie Neussendorfer / Foster Group Joe B. Orosco Family and Friends Carol Franksen Judy Franksen Terry Haeffner Dan Hamann Jennifer Hamann Connie Reyes Johnson Gayla Leathers Michael Mestrovich Kathryn Poteete Lucile Rivera Dolores “Dee” Owen Judie and Steve Olson Jill R. Palle Friends and Family Richard William Parry Tracy and Claire Baker Peggy and David Edington Gep Parry Marsha Parry Mary Plumstead and John Miller Henrietta Parys Diana Hu and Steve Holve Dorothy H. Paskach Ron and Rikki Hulsebus Mary and Kurt Shafer Stonebrook Capital Management, Inc. Dave Wakeman Kimberly J. Patera, D.V.M. Lynne Chesire Debbie and James Ciurej Mary Danielson Kerry Dobson and Bruce Reneaud Family and Friends Mary Hogan Amy Jackson on behalf of Blue River PetCare Marcile and Loren Katt Jonene Lee Mary and Kevin Riley Patricia Ring Marilyn and Ron Rubek Steve Rule and Pam Scamperino-Rule Mary Schafer Urgent Pet Care VCA Midwest Veterinary Referral and Emergency Center Bernadette and John Vlock Goldie Welch Ernest A. Paulsen Robert Murray and Janet Martin Ellen Sue Pesavento Peggy Ross Judy Peters Carol Brigandi Steve Peters Becky Udron and Rita Epperson Patsy Peters Barry and Paula Javadzadeh Helen Ria Pocop Family and Friends Peggy Poinsett Friends and Family Glenn and Evelyn Potter Carol and Patrick Ivers Stacy A. Power Jan Starman Frederick J. Precht Jane and Marty Beerman William C. “Bill” Presser James and Carol Ramspott Brent Quigley Lori Bucholz Robbie Radil Alvin Gavin Kody Radil and Family Lana Dee Raether Brandy Connie Jamie Jill Judy Julie Kelly Mitz Rick Stacy Vanessa Barbara J. Raffensperger Allison and Thomas Hillyard Kathy and Jim Morley Kathryn and James Morley Barbara and Chuck Raffensperger Carrie and Scott Bagnell Annette Cochrane Chuck Raffensperger Barbara Raffensperger William and Patricia Ramsey Mark Ramsey Frank William Rapczynski Eric and Ginger Johnson Martha Nell Rasmussen Family and Friends Roger Redinbaugh Deloris Bigge Family and Friends Karon Frenk Phyllis Griswold Tish and Gene Selk Sheryl and Terryl Voss Darlene West Betsy Reed Tilly Regency Court Harley and Pat Reinoehl Jared Reinoehl Sandra Rench Brian Wehde Liz Rentfro The Delta Gamma Member Class 2014 Joan C. Reynolds Linda and Thomas McCoy Gay Rich James Alberg Cheryl Arends and Mary Riley Mary and Gary Beller Leslie and Steve Bogue Paula and William Breese Jennifer Brittenham Tom Brown Nancy Cannon Anne and Jim Carroll Susan and Todd Christensen Cathy Ciminski Nicole Cleveland Terri Conlin Judy Dorf Teri and Doug Dougherty Pamela and Gary Dutton Barb Else Gary Emenitove and Michael Jones First Data Synchrony Team Becky French Renee Green Kevin Goracke Susan Henry and Mark Collier Loene and James Herman Mary Higgins Diane Huffer Diane and Michael Huffer Mary and Donald Hunt Bernadette Hupp Paula and Barry Javadzadeh Carol Juel Mary Kassmeier Gerri Kazmierczak Margaret Keane Teddi and Timothy Kennedy Kimberly and Kenneth Kingston Christine Kline and Corey Meyer Celia LaGreca and Timothy Crowley Patty and Pat Leinen Mary Loth Sally and Robert Ludrick Colleen and Charles Maciejewski Marty Magee Shelia Mair Cathy and Paul Martin Patty and Dan Melanson Kim Morehead Marti Neely Diane Morse and Paul Pagnucco Joan Polk Elizabeth and Nick Rana Steve von Recklinghausen Dawn and Trent Reinert Jane and Jim Root Conni and Mike Roseland Tim Rosenthal Heather Ruff Larry Snider Alison and Paul Stormberg Kathy White Kristina White Kathleen and Russell Winkelbauer Jean and Scott Zier Mary Elizabeth Riley Ann Cannon Thomas Emmett III Kathi and James Foster Donna Heide Becky Latka Sandra Levermann Christine Smith and Lynne MacDonald Deb Stephens and Frances Bertsch Kris Tharpe A. Wacker Patricia Warner Robert A. Risk Barb and Mark Farrell Family and Friends Dr. James Steier Robert and Karen Risk Sharon Huebert Gary Robbins Georgia McSorley Elizabeth Rody Janice and Joseph Gulizia Connie Mertz Nancy and Jeffrey Schober Sandra L. (Schuchhardt) Rohlfs Michelle and Charles Aden Jack Rohrig Lisa Keedy Pete Ruone Paul Jokela Barbara Samla Mutual of Omaha Insurance Company Mark Sampson Lisa and Greg Kibbie Robert G. Sanderhoff Kathryn Koslosky Diane and Gary Martig Mary Jane Martig Deb and Kris Newcomer Sheri and Glenn Roe Virginia and Gerhard Thamm Joel Schafer Jill and Larry Abel American Custom Gunmakers Guild Michael Essay Sonoran Desert Institute John Schafer The Roten Family Freddie Scheerer Kathy and Doug Rice Shirley Schleimann Carol Smith James P. Schlichtemier, M.D. Clarkston Campus friends Kathy and Bill Cone Dr. and Mrs. Robert Fonda Dr. and Mrs. G.E. Fredrickson Sue Fisher Dr. Richard Pitner Carol Smith Margaret Tigges Wendell and Linda Quist Walla Walla Community College Sam Watson Jack Schram Judy Schram Clinton Dean Schutt Sally and Kurt Brueske Jill and Jim Deupree Friends and Family Richard Green Christine and Rodney Haferbier Mary and Larry Herzberg Charles and Richelle Kelley The McMillen Company, P.C. Deirdre and Leon Milobar Ellin and Dennis Murphy Edward and Lida Robinson Charitable Trust Kathleen and Joseph Rubeck Barbara and Christopher Stratman Patricia and Dennis Wiederholt Sharon Schwarz Mary and Gregory Smith Neil Schworer Marcy and Joel Patton Gail Ann Scott Charlotte O’Brien Lynn Scott and Dave Olson Nancy Olson Ellen Szymanski The Williams Family David Seeley Katelyn Damon First National Operations Division Employees Kathleen and Robert Hills Patricia Hinkle Donna and Scott Johnson Jamie and Eric Loehr Connie and David Ogden Shelly and Jude Roth Jovita and Daniel Vuagniaux Beverly K. Seldin and Baby Tiger Mary and Butch Lindley Roger Ezzat Semaan Hani Mahmassani Wajdi Rasamny Don and Diana Tabor Gloria D. Shannon Suzanne and Ted Shannon Tim Sheehy Rissy Smith Alice Lucille Shipp Kurt and Dina Kruckenber Madonna Shock Susan Allison Mutual of Omaha Insurance Company Richard A. “Rick” Sholtz Julie Knutson Diana Fuller and James O’Connor Judith D. Siebler Arlene and Larry Brennan Marianne Dopheide Family and Friends Cameron Hahn Janice Lambrecht Cheri and Dennis Renfrow Duane Siebler Dona Siebler Stohler Carol E. Sieborg Family and Friends Diane and Steve Kohler Lisa Paulsen Joyce A. Sigler Kerry and Cindy Butterfield Jane Campbell Lori, Paul and the Hogan family Rene Maslonka Melanie Baker McCain LaVon Stephens T. M. Shepherd Margaret A. “Peggy” Sima Kathleen and James Moragues Jim Mullen Paula Timperley Barbara J. Simonson Cynthia Hennecke Dawn and Keith Nelson Barbara and Harold Zabel Matt Skoda Carol and Larry Uebner James P. Slater Maj USAF (Ret) Katherine and Byron Butler The Yarbroughs Susan and Michael Tierney The Yarbroughs Timothy L. Slattery, Sr. Debbie Slattery Allison Slosburg Marcy and Joel Patton Carol Ann Smith Nancy Woodhams and Nate Christopher Smith Bette Proffitt Terry Smith Dan, Veronica, and Peter Detjens June Rose Soderlund Bill Gaus Steve Sorenson Anne and Jim Carroll Friends and Family Sharon Kelley Barbara Larson Judy Spadt Family and Friends EvaJon Sperling Sandra Russ Randy Srb Libby Dreier and Jean Lawler Jamie and Steve Casselman Nancy and Michael Heald Rhonda Stansbury Kathy and Mark Williams June “Bug” Stark Family and Friends Tim Stednitz Rockwell Elementary Jeanette Swope Tom Stegman Kathy and Craig Knickrehm Terry Lee Stofferson Family and Friends Martha Elias Lynn and Larry Giebelhausen Barb and Joel Hahn Midwest Service Bureau, Inc. Julie Masters Mindy Parry Radiology and Nuclear Medicine – Radiologists Radiology and Nuclear Medicine – Office Staff Shenandoah Medical Center Diane Stewart Terry’s Office Staff Adison Wimberley Barbara Louise Meyer Swenson Linda Cheatham Shari and Bob Eades John and Ibby Hancock Jane and Robert Hamer Barbara and Phil Joannes Linda and Bob Lovgren Kim and Cárma Pacaj Kathy and Jim Quinlan Faye Ruback Linda and Kevin Saltzman Sandy and Jerry Sueper Pete Whitted Elizabeth June Swigart Family and Friends Jackie Ronald Swigart Patricia M. Swiger Virginia Sholl Rand Dee Swiggart Friends and Family Kerry J. Taylor The Paula Dungan Family Leo N. Tegeder Carol and Chris Beber Liane Beber Cindy and Mark Carroll Bernard Chandler The Crouch Family Kimberly and John Koll Lori and Mike Lang Rosamary Moore Donna OLeary Jenny and Logan Roeber and Family Logan Roeber Linda and Michael Tegeder Kimberly Waszgis-Vaca Dick Theisen Kathy Theisen Marilyn Thiesse Mike, Kim and Cathy Blackley Marjorie Thurber Cathy Black CSO (Central States Health and Life Co. of Omaha) Family and Friends Mary Larson Vince Tomlinson Jane and Peter Bunce Lisa Finley Catherine and Dennis Gillham Tara, Gaby, Alex, Denise, Kaela, Janice, Tracy, and Deb Olga Trembath Dimitri Trembath Thomas E. Truax, Sr. Diane Truax Dolores Turnquist Dr. Antoinette Turnquist James Umshler Linda Umshler Jerome F. Uryasz Janice Ruhge Janet Uryasz Joseph Louis “Joe” Vacca Julie and Timothy Sorensen Friends at Mutual of Omaha Emil L. Vampola Sanita and Jim Leach Laura and Jeremy Kendall Ed Van Buran Deanna Wolf Robert Lee VanMeter David and Susan Blair Nancy and John Cooke Blenda and Fenton Downey Kurt and Suzanna Glover-Ettrich Kenneth Van Zandbergen Dene’ and Jim Burns Laura Croom Cheryl and Scott Custard Family and Friends Samantha and Stephen Gollehon Suzy Jones Shari and Patrick Kenealy Janet and Randall Koski Joyce Perdu Kristi and Paxton Reinsch Judy Roberts and Fred Kratzke Anna Sorensen Lisa Sorensen and Charles Kuhns Friends at STAP Kaye Travnicek Margaret Welch Mary Vaughn Calista Wingert Stuart Vavra Cindy and Tom Shimerda Jane Marie Vermillion Family and Friends Kelley Jo VerVelde Jan and Dave Faulkner Bonnie Vierregger Lisa Burnside Bob and Joyce Vondrasek Dennise Papek Joyce E. Vondrasek Diana and Daniel Byrd Rosemary Fenton and Richard Benda Margaret and Michael Gaughn Emma Jane Grimm Harriett Hagedorn Kay Miller Marleen Muenster Joyce Perdue Constance Peterson Wendy and Michael Petty Leslie Seymore Nancy and Kevin Smith Joy and Steven Vondrasek Molly Vondrasek Honorable Robert C. Vondrasek Paul Andersen Karen and Bruce Baker Delores and William Baumann Diana Beltz Patricia and Dana Bradford Diana and Daniel Byrd Rosemary Fenton and Richard Benda Carolynn Glover Kurt Suzanna Glover-Etrrich Family and Friends Terry MacNamara The Mathisen Family Maria and Gerald Moran John J. Vukovic Anonymous Elaine Waddell Elaine’s Family Linda and Larry Hennessy Ann M. Wagner The Class of “68” Wilma Husak Jennifer Wagner Birte Gerlings Louise Wagner Mutual of Omaha Insurance Company Myra and Dale Rowland Paul F. “Fritz” Wahl Deanna and Jeffrey Edwards Dave Stransky Marcia A. Waldecker BACK2HEALTH Inc. Family and Friends Mary Hicks and Lorraine Mohrlock Karen Moran Candace O’Grady Charles M. “Chuck” Walters Saundra Grampsas Helene Wasserman Eileen and Ken Kroeger Leona I. Watermann Sandy and Cliff Hammond Barbara L Watson Polly and Ted Hoff Tom Rohan Tangier Cycle Patrol Mary Watson Nev and Gordy Fredrickson Phillip Thorne Weaver Sally Bekins Bridges Trust Deborah and Sam Brower Debbie Daisley Sue Fisher Carolyn and Bob Hansen Dorothy and Roger Kupka Barbara Lewis Dr. and Mrs. Ed Langdn Carrie Mason Ione Perry Jean Welch Peggy Weeth CBShome Real Estate Carolyn Kesick Marvin M. “Art” Weiner, MSgt USAF (Ret) Claire and Lawrence Blass Claire Brown Anne Foley JoAnne and Ernest Schreiber Sam Watson Ruth and Louis Wengel Robert Wengel Yvonne Westphal Sandy, Connie, Jean, Kathy, Teresa and Marcia Rosalie M. White Beth and Rich Baer Christine and Craig Barnett Alberta, Chris and Jack Ewer Family and Friends Bob Harvey and Jacob Ringley Gena Anderson Harvey Mary and Marie Larsen Leo A Daly Marie Lucas The Schulte Family Wiley, Sandi and Dirk White Charlotte White Virginia (Ginny) Widner Donna and Dwight Hargrove Brenda and Pat Holston Margaret Mary Wieczorek Sherry and J. R. Christiansen Family and Friends Dee and Gary Harm Cynthia and Mark Martinez Marleen Muenster Virginia Wilkins BPO Does Shirley Lane Shirley Svoboda Christine Willis Peg and Dean Shaun P. Wilwerding Family and Friends Scott Fosmer Foster Group, Inc. Alberta and Dale Kinsey Ken and Susi Molstad Nate and Katie Molstad Jackie Velthof Vicki and Toby Wolte Sally M. Winn Molly and Dan Dahlgren Family and Friends Stephanie Fenster The Greater Omaha Area Trail Runners Klaus and Sabine Edwin Krula Sheri and Jeffrey Krula JoAnn MacDonald Kim and Tim Mathewson Cynthia and James Nodskov Patricia Rehan Robert Rehan Wenday and Steve Sorenson Dave Wintle Amy and Pat O’Brien James Wither Pamela and David Schlotthauer Byron “Jack” Wollen Family and Friends Barb and Ken Oetter Marion L. Wood Cathleen B. Matza Rosella M. Woodard Teresa and Ralph Woodard Rebecca J. Woods Family and Friends Robert F. Wortman Marcia and Jim Meredith Bonita Trompke Sandra Kay Yudelson Patricia Bleven Koley Jessen P.C., L.L.O. Karen Shuler Mary Zebley Thomas G. Zwink Gary Emenitove and Michael Jones Janice Swanson Patricia Swanson Connie and Daniel Turek

Nebraska Humane Society

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Omaha, NE 68134

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